Monday, October 18, 2010

Jack-o-lantern burgers

Made these tasty jackolantern burgers for supper this weekend. I picked up Sandra Lee's Halloween Party ideas magazine at Micheal's the other day. I got the cheeseburger idea from that magazine. Sandra Lee always has good recipes and party ideas. She also loves Halloween as much as I do. LOVE IT!
My french fries got a little burned. Well, not burned but really really crispy. LOL!
Aaron wanted me to help him with something and I got distracted the time I got back to check my fries....they had crisped a little longer than they should have(like five minutes too long). They were still tasty/and it's better than soggy fries. Look on the bright side right?
We are gearing up around here for Halloween. Have decorations almost done.....and getting ready to make treat bags and menu ideas for Halloween dinner party. We haven't visited our local pumpkin patch yet. We plan on doing that this weekend sometime if the weather cooperates. It's been so nice lately...I can't believe we haven't gotten to the pumpkin patch earlier...since it's been so nice. We plan on going to the pumpkin patch to get haybales, cornstalks and stuff for our snowmobile trailer. Yes, we are decorating the trailer again this year. Aaron wants to trick or treat in the trailer again.
Can't's always a good time for Halloween. Happy Haunts!

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