Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wisconsin Thanksgiving

I am posting kinda late but we had a great Thanksgiving meal at My sister's house in Wisconsin.

We had all the fixin's: Turkey, Stuffing, Corn, Potatoes and Gravy, Sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, brocolli casserole dish, probably forgetting something. That was alot! Vino too!

I am using my sister's photos....I didn't bring my camera....so I had no pixs.

Here some pixs of the festive tables:

The Turkey: not the prettiest pix of the bird but it was really tasty. My Niece hubby slathered the bird with some herb seasoned butter. Ummmmmm.....the turkey was delicious.
More of the festive table: my sis set up two tables for all of us. Over 20 plus for Thanksgiving this year.

We are gearing up for Christmas......getting the boxes out and ready. I have my trees out but not decorated yet. I'll try to get a pix of the new tree this year. I ran all over town looking for the perfect artifical tree. Found it at Kmart.....it was the martha stewart slim 9 ft tree. I needed a slimer & taller tree for my family room area. We had quite the fun time tracking the tree down at the stores. It was on big time sale.....and no kmart in town had them instock anymore. So we BEGGED the store clerk for the floor model(LOL)! After a day of waiting .......we ended up getting the floor model. Yeah! I liked this tree cuz of the slim factor and that it was a martha tree.......martha tree was nice and full....with loads of lights. So easy to assemble. Compared to our old tree that took us 3 days last year to assemble. Yeah...awful! It was time for a new tree...our old one was 1996. First tree we bought for our house.....and we didn't move in to our house until 1997. So the tree is older than the house. LOL!

Is everyone getting ready for the big Christmas holiday? I can't wait to read about everyone's holiday fun.


Sandy Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanks Giving :) Isn't it great how much easier it is to assemble the artificial trees they sell now! I can't wait to see your Chirstmas decor! Happy Holidays!


Danielle said...

YUMMY!!!!!! Everything looks incredible :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Susan said...

Our tree still takes forever to put up. Someday, I will get one that is easy to assemble. Maybe after the holidays.