Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aaron's Playhouse

Finally, Doug worked on assembling Aaron's playhouse(last year's christmas present). Doug been so busy this past year/with different jobs(job changes)....He finally had some free time to work on Aaron's playhouse. Kinda late in the season to move it outside. However, we thought keeping it in the heated garage all winter would be a good idea. That way Aaron could enjoy it in the heated garage environment.

This was NOT an easy assembly job. Doug said building our house was so much easier!!! ha!

Aaron is really enjoying the house. We even ran and bought some furniture and things. He has just enough room for a little mag-shift couch/bed, and table and chairs. We ended up buying all Car's theme stuff. We even bought a little rug....there is no real floor in the house yet. Doug is going to build one if we move it outside someday(and a little porch). Doug even wired it up for lights, and it has a working doorbell, the shutters open and close. Even the little weathervane if real and works.

I put some fake flowers in the window boxes. I know, not very boyish....but Aaron didn't mind and I thought it looked festive. lol!

We might hang a flat screen in his little house too. Depends on if mommy will give up her scraproom TV for awhile(LOL)!

I like the door............dutch door with cute hindges. The playhouse is made out of cedar wood. So it smells really nice. I think it might need some paint later. It didn't have much of a coating on it. It really is charming playhouse for the price. Although, I can see Aaron growing fast out of it soon. The little Car's couch folds out into a little bed/with sleeping bag and all. Its' kinda small for him but it works for a playhouse.

Doug wired undercabinet lights at the top of the ceiling. It was kinda dark in the the best solution for lights seem to be undercabinet smaller lights. Eventually doug will wire them in and have a light switch to turn them on. For now they are powered by extenstion cord.

Muffin even is enjoying the little helps to have "snacks" to lure her in. LOL!


Danielle said...

This little playhouse is just INCREDIBLE!!!! Doug did a fantastic job with it and it's so cute that he added little lights in it too :)

Aaron and Muffin will have a blast playing in there all winter long :D

Susan said...

Very cool, I'm sure Aaron is going to have a ball in it. Love the little furniture.

Sandy Michelle said...

Wicked! Wish I had that house as a kid! I think you and your DH are having more fun with it than Aaron..LOL!