Friday, July 24, 2009


July is our busiest I have alot of updating to do here on my blog. I just wanted to post a quick note and let everyone know...I will have pixs up soon of our July. We had a great 4th of July......and right after that we went on a little getaway to our favorite spot: Cove Point Lodge Resort in Beaver Bay, Minnesota(Northshore). My two sisters joined us on our excursion and it was a really really fun time. I made a photo book I will share soon on our time spent at Cove Point Lodge(we stayed in the Fjords at Cove Point again...those are so nice)!

Of course July 14 was Aaron 6th bday. I haven't even gotten to those photos yet(still on my camera)but I will share soon.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer...I can't believe it's almost over. Here in Minnesota it's been super cool for July. I LOVE IT! I hate really hot weather(I am living in the right state right?) Anyway, the temps have been darn right spring like. It's so weird cuz we had 97 degrees in May and in July we are having 50 and 60's. LOL!

All in all we had a real busy July but fun and Fast. My sister was here to visit for two weeks..and at the same time my brother was here for a few days too. Muffin and My brother don't get along and since we were on vacation(and Doug's Mother and Father took the Muffin for us) I didn't feel like we should make them take the dog for another week. So Muffin and Paul were forced together. LOL! That was some intense days: I mean Muffin HATES my brother. She barks at him, even runs at him, growls. She doesn't bite but she probably would if he did something sudden. LOL! I haven't figured out WHY she doesn't like Paul. I am just assuming he did something to her one time when I wasn't looking(dogs never forget). We survived those days and enjoyed our time with family(except for Muffin...LOL) but she's a cuss, What can I say!

I'll be back soon with pixs. In meantime check out my's one of the views we had out of our Fjord at Cove Point.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! Glad you had a nice 4th of July and Happy Belated Birthday to your son! That's hilarious about Muffin and your bro :) Have a great weekend!

Sandy xox

Danielle said...

WOW Sounds like you've had a busy, busy summer so far :) I'm glad you've been having good weather and great visits with your family :)

I'm anxious to see the pictures and Happy 6th Birthday to Aaron!!!