Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 4th Picnic 2009

As are our July 4th photos. We set up our picnic in the porch again. It will be our tradition. We haven't even taken our windows off in the porch(screen porch). It's so breezy and comfy without even having to take them off(the door has a screen and the air conditioning runs into the porch too). So it stays pretty cool in the area even with the windows on. Makes it easier than getting the porch all wet too. I like that! I decorated the porch about the same as last year...only we set up our table in a different spot. Different spot for the buffet table too. We had two less people to fit at the table this year. So we were able to make the most of the room. The table cloth is different...I use my strawberry table linen for the occasion. It really matched the plates I bought last year. I still used my caddy buckets for the silverware and use my big candle holders for the centerpiece down the center of the table. I even reused my little flags in each bucket to give the place a bit of patriotic twist. God Bless America!!!
Here a cute pix of Aaron in his 4th of July getup. Isn't he cute? I like this photo of him.

Just more of the table setting. I used my lanterns I bought last year in every window. I had many I bought last year for Judy's and Dave's 50th party. So I was able to put one in every window. I bought some extra little 4 of July theme candles next to the lanterns...just to bring so more patriotic theme to the porch.

Father and Son photo shoot....don't they look so patriotic? LOL

Here some random photos of us................I bought a skirt from Jcpenney again this year. I felt like I needed to go to a barn dance. LOL! I took a photo below flairing out the skirt. I was just going to wear the one I got last year. However, Jcpenney had more outfits from their line American Living. So I picked out another skirt.

Muffin begging for the steak at the table.............this is her rightful the begging mode. The food was really the same as passed years. Just picnic type foods: Salads, Veggie Tray, chips and dips, Baked Beans, Deviled Eggs, Steaks etc.....Here some views of the food on the buffet table.

Here is a series of photos of Aaron saying: NO MORE PICTURES! LOL

Our tradition is a little different...instead of fighting the crowds to go see fireworks....we opt to stay home and have a bonfire. We light the candles in our porch and watch the neighbors set off fireworks in their backyards. LOL! It makes for a less stressful time of rushing to get somewhere. Plus, our city has fireworks in July at their festival...which is usually sometime after the 4th weekend. So here are some photos of the porch in the evening and our time at the bonfire. Aaron enjoyed riding his bike while we chit chatted at the fire pit. LOL

Another 4th of July over! We had a good relaxing time!

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