Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Wedding

Another reason been so busy.....had Family wedding on Memorial Day weekend. It was an out of town wedding and about the whole family was together for the event. Had a great time. My Nephew Neil got married to the girl of his dreams, Kayla! They are so cute together!

Here is a pix of the my family together at the church.....all dressed up...a site we never see~ha!

I like this pix of Doug and I together and my cute little sharp dressed man in his suspenders. Franny and I together at my house before we left for the wedding. A pix of my sisters, Franny and Char together at the church with me. A pix of Aaron and I on the dance floor. A close up shot of Aaron.

Took a little time out at the reception to get this outdoor shot of the sisters and my Brother together. Not often are we all together like this. As you can see it was a beautiful day for the wedding. In the photo: Pauline, Paul, Charline, Francine, Lorie, and Wanda.
captured this photo of the bride & groom with Lorie & Paul(Groom's Parents)
Lovely wedding and So impressed with the wedding and how organized it was and the turnout was great. Neil and Kayla had a great day to celebrate the beginning of their lives together.

The rest of the photos I put into a slide show.....................enjoy! I added the song Show me what I am looking for BY Carolina Liar. Love the song and Fastly becoming a fav. band of mine. Enjoy the slide!


Danielle said...

The photos you took are amazing!!!! Your nephew and his wife make such a beautiful/adorable couple xoxox :)

I love the photo of you, your hubby and cute!!!!

Wanda said...

I love the slideshow of the wedding! So fun!