Friday, June 12, 2009

Catch Up and Mother's Day Weekend

Time for some much needed Blog catch Up! Been so busy haven't had time to post. I am going to start the catch up with our Mother's Day weekend. We were fortunate enough to get to use My BIL and SIL Timeshare. The timeshare is up in Brainerd, Minnesota. Very popular summertime hangout. In May Brainerd is surprisingly very quiet. It really nice to get up by the lake and have it quiet and relaxing. I got a chance to take a few pixs during Mother's Day. Here a good one of Aaron and I by Causeway's check in area. It was a really nice day outside so we enjoyed walking around the resort. Went down by the Gull Lake and took a few pixs of that too. You can see how the trees were still brown and ugly into May. It's really green now but in Minnesota.......Spring is really slow!!! Kinda skip Spring and go right into SUMMER. My DH made me a tasty Mother's Day brunch(well, I made it but he helped...LOL). It was really good but as you can see by my plate...I ate tooo much. Had to go on a big diet when I got home. We even had time to stop by and check out Madden's Resort...and stopped to have a treat at a cute eatery. Very fun weekend! Great needed Mommy's Day gift. I want to shout out to Bob and Donna for letting us use their timeshare on the weekend. That was a true treat and we always Appreciate their kindness to share. Thanks GUYS!!! Aaron Enjoyed our timeshare unit... it has a kid magnet(a big-scary-spiral staircase). I have a few pixs of Aaron enjoying the stairs. ha! Mommy was nervous! I'm more scared to go up those stairs or should I say down them. EEK! Can you say STEEP! Scary!

I thoroughly enjoyed my mother's day weekend..........thanks to my GUYS for taking care of me that weekend!


Sandy Michelle said...

What fun! I need to get a time share! Your little guy is growing so fast!It was nice to hear from you!


Danielle said...

OMG!!!!! That place looks incredible :) I love the swirly stairs and the beautiful scenery!!!

LOVE it :) I'm glad you had such an amazing mother's day weekend ~ you deserve it!!!