Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Time with the Crochet Bunny

I think these photos speak for themselves....LOL! That time again for the Crochet Bunny Photos

Aaron is giving the bunny a ride in his truck and notice the bunny in his seat belt too!
oh OH............bunny overboard.....I think Aaron just ran him over.....poor bunny help!
I think Aaron is liking this bunny run-over thing too well huh? LOL

Shitzuback much fun is that? LOL...Muffin was thrilled can you tell?

Bunny likes Cars? Peaking Bunny again? Don't worry I don't drive over the Bunny...LOL! Sideways bunny? Peaking? Bunny shears as my sister put it? I am not sure? LOL

Holding the bunny like my baby........LOL......I wore my bunny shirt for the occation.

Another year down for the Crochet bunny...........he's ready for some R & R and Relaxation. Til next Year! Happy Easter!


Sandy Michelle said...

Hey cutie What a great post! I love the humor in your bunny pix! I just looked at your Easter pix too and I love the decor on your patio, the decorated eggs (especially the ckick family) and the chipboard that spelled EASTER on the eggs..too cool! Glad you had a great Easter. Happy Spring!

Sandy xox

Millie and Me said...

That's a cute bunny, did you make it? Also it looks bigger than your puppy. I also loved you easter pictures and easter decorations. Really pretty.

Danielle said...

Hahahhahaah that's super cute Pauline :) LOVE the pictures :)

Susan said...

Very cute!

Hope all is well~susan