Monday, December 15, 2008

Porch Tree Photo Shoot

Happy Holidays! I am finally getting around to decorating the house for Christmas. I started with the porch this year. Here is a little photo shoot of Aaron in front of the small tree we put in the porch. I didn't even get the tree all the way decorated before these pixs were taken. It looks nicer now with ornaments and bulbs on the tree. Aaron is wearing his little moose sweater. We bought him that sweater when he was about two years old....LOL! It's fit him but it's pretty small on him. I had to layer it with a turtleneck sweater.

I am almost done decorating the house for Christmas but I did take shortcuts this year. I didn't put up my small hutch trees. I also didn't put my dishes in the hutch either or put swags above my pictures in the house. On the outside we didn't hang the wreaths in every window. We did add some multi colored rope light to our new deck. Trying to stay with the easy route this year. Since I started so late.

Hope every one's Christmas planning is going well. Also to our friends and Family that are out of jobs and falling on tough times.....we send out our prayers and thoughts your way. It's tough times and this Christmas we made a pack with some family to cut back. So we wanted an old fashion Christmas with less gifts and more enjoying of food, wine and company. Stay home and enjoy home cookins, Fresh Coffee brewed at home(not at Starbucks) LOL, and homemade cookies, bars, and treats. Egg nog, cider and peppermint cocoa(YUM)! Plus, House Gawking at lights(that is free except for the gas-but gas prices went down so it's not so bad now).

Keep a look out for our family Christmas card soon. I will be posting my family photo card soon.


Sandy Michelle said...

I love Aarons' shirt and the tree looks great! Boy those Thanks giving pictures are great too! You should send them to Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart Living:) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing well!Happy holidays to you and your Family!

Sandy xox

Danielle said...

He is such a cutie-pie!!!!!