Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Porch Decorating Done

Finally done with the porch decorating for the holidays. It's probably all I will show of my home....decked out for Christmas. I shared last couple years of the rest of my house for Christmas. All that is left is the new porch. I already shared the tree but now it's fully decorated. Love this little bird ornament in gold tones. My theme was Berry's, Garland, nature with Golds, Silvers, glitter and Accented the tree with some stand out cream word ornament and snowflakes. Fitting for the porch right? You have to like the fact that we can decorate the porch for Christmas at all. Since it was made a screen porch and still is....technically. My Dh has done all he can to make this porch function in the winter months. Although, one draw back.......we really, really needed to put a permanent door on during the winter. Our door to the outdoors in the porch is only worthy of a SCREEN PORCH. SO it's icing up alot and frosty. Next year we will have to frame a door into the mix. As long as it's in the upper 20's we can enjoy the porch. when it gets below zero than it's not so much porch sitting days. LOL! Things my dh did do for winterizing.....the main thing we put in storm windows. Than we 3M insulated kits to cover the windows besides. The floor is only deck my dh insulted the floor underneath....and ran a heat vent thru. The floor is still chilly but works fine with slippers on. We are gettin the most out of our porch(LOL). I promise I will be done "obsessing" over my porch in the new year. LOL! It's new for us that's all. It's fun to have another space to decorate for the holidays.

I tried to reuse alot from my Fall time I reused this candle and just put a new candle ring around it to look more Christmasy. Remember my Stain glass Stars from last year? I finally got to hang them up in the porch this year. They make great sun catchers.

I found this birds nest with berries and garland at my mom's house. That was before I even had a theme picked out. I had to frebreeze it alot(my mom was a smoker) but it aired out. I wanted to put the birds nest ontop of mom's little stove. Thought that was a nice spot for all of mom's mementos. I put some fake LED candles to luminate the garland at night in the candle holders behind the birds nest. My JOY sign ornament on the tree....Aaron likes saying that word. He's learning alot of words and how to spell.

More sun catchers.................................and some candles. I purchased some more Yankee Candle from this years collection(evergreen shades, fitting for the nature theme) and I bought my mom these gingerbread Yankee Candles last year. So I kept them and use them with the rest of yankee candle. Muffin still LOVES the porch as her favorite sitting spot in the house now. She likes it when the sun is out and warming the porch.

We strung a set of lights up at the top of the garland.......LED Stars......but they were really throwing my theme off alot...I mean ALOT! Didn't look traditional at all. SO I bought some White, and Red plain lights and going to string them along the garland in hopes that will tone down the moving blinking lights. I would get rid of the LED lights but Aaron loves em now's too late to backpedaled. SO I need to think of a way to make it all work. I will let you know how it looks?

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Danielle said...

Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Hehehehhehehe looks like Muffin is enjoying the porch decorations too :)