Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Porch

Finally put up some Halloween lights in the porch. I had extra pumpkin all I did was buy some leaf strings at Micheal's and hang them up around our shelf. I found this cool Happy
Halloween sign at Target for 12.99. Super cool and affordable. I knew it would fit just right in the porch as a focal point. It's cool you can see it from in the house really well. I added some cool caldron's on both sides of the sign for dramatic effect. Aaron loved the porch lights. My Dh(Doug)help me put up the lights and wire them to our existing lights. So all we have to do now is flip the switch and the lights are on. Love that!

Here is the sign from Target....notice I made it my banner for my blog. Below are just more views of the porch with the Halloween lights.
I added some other Halloween decor too..........I got the boo pumpkins and White resin pumpkin from Pier 1 imports. The fun candles are from Pier 1 too.
Can't wait for Halloween. I hope every one's Halloween planning is going well. Sorry been absent from my blog for awhile. Our Internet is not working well lately and I've been so swamped and tired and sick most of the month. Hope I can keep up better soon. My family is getting together for Thanksgiving this year at my house. So I am excited about that and will be blogging about all the prep and events soon. Hope this month everyone gets out and finds some pretty fall colors to share.
Aaron is going to be a fireman AGAIN. He wanted to wear his same outfit from last year and I didn't complain. I hope it still fits him.
Happy Halloween Season Everyone!


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Halloween season to you too! I just love the pumpkin lights on your patio! Sorry to hear that you and your computer have been sick lately. How lucky are you that Aaron wants to wear the same costume:)It's one less thing to rush around for!


Preppy Lizard said...

Your porch is too cute! I love all of your decorations. I am so behind in my Halloween decor..but you have just motivated me!!

Danielle said...

I absolutely LOVE the decorations in your porch, especially that white pumpkin from Pier 1!!!

Great decor :)

Monica said...

How fun , love your porch !
Those pillows are so pretty and i love all the PIER 1 stuff!