Monday, September 15, 2008

Biking Trip

Finally, the pixs I promised to share. I've been MIA from bloggin lately. Been so busy with Anniversary's, Birthdays and First day of Preschool for my son Aaron. Been a crazy busy time around here.

These pixs are from our Labor Day Lanesboro trip to Southeastern Minnesota river valley. It's so pretty in Lanesboro and the surrounding areas. I would highly recommend a trip to this area ....and the bike trails are so wonderful too. They also have tubing, and canoeing and kayaking. Great place for outdoor FUN. Lanesboro also had a really nice bike rental place. You don't even have to bring your bikes. We did, but the bike rental would be a great idea. They even had some fun bike rentals, made for 3 or 4 or more riders. Really a fun place to go in the summer/fall time. I can't image what this area would be like in the fall color time. All those bluffs full of color. We definitely need to make a bike trip in the fall sometime. I heard it books up pretty fast. It was really busy during the Labor Day you can imagine? We stayed at a really cute Inn called Brewster's Red Hotel on the bluffs. Turned out it was the hoppin spot in town. Right across from the hotel was the popular outdoor eatery. It had lines coming out the street til after 9:00 PM. Crazy! I have to say they had great food. No wonder it was packed all the time. The shopping, biking and Eats were all so fun in this small quaint town.

Lanesboro area is surrounded by the root river. Very scenic and so pretty check it out:

We stopped and ate at a little pie shop that claimed to have the worlds famous pies. It was pretty good pie, but not sure if it could claim the world famous(LOL)! We also had lunch at a renovated Old Barn. This place had a really nice campground right on the bike trail for anyone that would like to camp and Bike. Pretty cool! Here is our hotel on the hill. The blue building below on the street is the happening Eatery in town called: Riverside on the Root Eatery. The restaurant even had local Live Entertainment(singer)and we listen as we sat at our hotel(see pix.....really nice atmosphere).

The pixs in the previous post was Aaron having his first Horse Carriage ride thru downtown Lanesboro. They had carriage rides all weekend long. SO we thought it would be fun for Aaron to get a ride. We really ended up enjoying our carriage ride thru town. The driver even let Aaron sit up front with him and let Aaron have the reigns of the horse. Aaron was steering the horse and at one point Buttons the horse looks back and wonders who the heck is in charge? He noticed an inexperienced Horse driver was at the reigns(LOL)! We had a great time in Lanesboro and would go again someday to Southeastern MN River Bluffs.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Great photos... :) Looks like so much fun... I miss being able to bike with my kids in the bike cart/trailer. They loved it so much. So glad to hear from you... Take Care... ¥

Sandy Michelle said...

Great shots of your biking trip and the pix of your husband with your son are priceless!! Hope all is well.It's been too long!


Danielle said...

WOW....great pictures!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful biking trip :) I seriously need to get myself a bike! heheheh :)