Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary Dave and Judy

Happy Anniversary Dave and Judy! 50 years of wedded bliss. Here is a Photo of their wedding day. I love this photo ........I wonder what Dave is whispering to Judy?

Sweetheart photo of Dave and Judy before they got married. This is their engagement photo. Love how they are matching outfits.

Some more early photos of the couple. Love the outfits in the 50's. Dave was a service man(National Guard) and Judy in her Graduation suit. I love her suit, wonder if she still has it?

Of course, Dave was into the motorcycles in the 50's too. You can tell it's the early days, as Dave was able to get Judy to ride too(LOL)!

Love Dave's Graduation photo and his James Dean looking photo too.

Another photo of their wedding.

I'm a little late posting these photos of my FIL and MIL as their anniversary was last weekend. I will post a few photos soon of their 50th wedding party we had at our house. It was a good time!

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Danielle said...

OMG those photos are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love old photos :)

Happy 50th Anniversary to Dave & Judy!!!!