Friday, August 22, 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary Party

A few cute photos of "The Couple" on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Congrats Dave and Judy!!! Here they are taking a photo with their lovely bouquet of Flowers that Judy's Brother and SIL sent to the house. What a beautiful flower arrangement. I set it up right on their display table, that I had their wedding photo books set up on that same table for display.

Thanks Terry and Betty for such a lovely flower arrangement for Dave and Judy. It made a great display for the party as well.

Judy still has her wedding dress we displayed it for everyone as they walked in at the party. We were lucky to get some candid photos of Dave and Judy before the party started. I got too busy after it started and I failed to get alot of pixs of everyone. What a bummer huh? I should have had someone taking photos for me. Oh well, I will not post the personal pixs here on my blog. I will share with family on my Photo program site instead. I know not everyone wants to be on the web. So I thought it best to post the personal Photos on a secure site. I will send a invite to everyone that attended the party thru email. I didn't get that many photos but I did get some of the family together.

Here is the set up for the party. We hung this Anniversary sign in the porch. It worked great in there and everyone was able to see it as they had to walk out thru the porch to get to the party tent.

Here is the party tent we set up. This tent was so cool. I would rent a tent again for a party. It was so nice to have a place for everyone to eat and it was such a nice day for the outdoor set up.

The front of the tent, and we even got tables and chairs to set up for the party. My Dh knows a guy that he worked with all summer. The guy rented out party tents and stuff for a side business all summer. SO he gave us a great deal on the tent, table and chairs. All we had to do was set it up ourselves. Which was no problem.

We finally finished off our deck just in time for the party. Here is a front view of the deck. We made it small but we love it. Never had anything to walk out onto before ...and we are loving our new outdoor entertainment areas. I can't wait til next year when we can make the patio paver area(where the tent is now...that where we will put our future patio).

More views of the finished deck and porch addition. As you can see we have ALOT of landscaping to do yet. We figured we would finish that next year when we are putting in our patio area. We still have to put up our lattice work to cover up under the porch area. We struggled with what railing system to use but ended up buying this Alum. White railing. We didn't want to close in our porch so instead of using lots of railings, we opted to leave the entire front open towards our future patio area. Plus, it saved on buying more railing which is expensive. Codes in our area don't require us to even have railings but we thought it best to put some down the sides. Personally, I thought our deck was still high enough for someone to fall off and hurt themselves. Thus, we put up some railings on the sides to prevent harm.

Another view of the Display Table with the wedding book and cards and M&M Candies and Lovely Flowers. The table linen is vintage linen from Judy's Mother. Judy always given me her vintage Linens she saved. I love all the table linens Judy has passed down to us. Will cherish them forever and Hope to give them to Aaron's Bride to be someday? That is unless we have a little girl baby someday??? Ha!

Here is the food set up area. I decided to put the kitchen table as a extension of our center island. As those food platters are huge and take up alot of space. I knew my center island wouldn't be big enough. SO we set up the kitchen table next to the island. Worked out great and opened up that area for people to walk into the porch and outside.

I want to give a BIG thank YOU out to my sister Lorie and her family. She helped me set up the food and get it ready for everyone to eat. It was a big help and it was very appreciated. My Sis Lorie set out the platters and organized the food while I got the salads and other stuff out for people to eat. I also want to Thank Bob and Donna (Doug's Sis and BIL)They brought Bob's famous Tuna Salad for the party. We ALWAYS LOVE BOB's Tuna Salad! I also need to thank Nelson's Cheese and Deli for making such wonderful and Affordable Platters for our party. If you ever need platters made they make the best platters. Plus, they make the platters for 30 plus crowd where other places only 15 crowd for their large platters. It saved us alot of money going with Nelson's. Plus, I love the fact I didn't have to make a veggie, meat, fruit trays myself. Love those time saving methods. I make nice platters from time to time but I could NEVER make a platter like they did and plus, their dips are to die for! The fruit dip is extra special. YUM!

I made my pasta salad too for the party. So we did home make the salads. I bought several Chips and dips for the party. I also went a little overboard on the mint trays. I had all kinds of nuts, mints, and treats candies.

Last minute(the night before) I made this kids area. My MIL bought some fun Kids packs, since we knew there was going to be small kids at the party. So she bought these yummy snacks at Costco. I decided to make a kids table for all the kids snacks and than I kept adding to the table. I had some little toys and put them out for the kids to grab. Aaron thought this was the coolest table. He liked my Kids Zone sign. LOL! I also made a kids corner in the tent with Aaron's small size tables. The kids liked having their very own table.

We ordered the cake from Rainbow foods. We almost didn't have enough cake. Well, maybe it's good we didn't have left overs of the cake. I am a cake O holic! Didn't need that laying around to eat. SO we had just enough cake for everyone.

Couldn't have a party without doing something Scrapbook related right? I knew I was going to display Judy's Candles she had from her wedding. So I thought it would be cool to print out the pixs of Dave and Judy eating their cake and in those same photos are the Candles. Check it out for yourself:

Judy gave me these framed Photos to make a nice display for the party. Again, Another candle from her wedding. Also, I need to mention that Donna(Judy's Daughter) also wore Judy's Wedding dress when Donna got married. So there is a photo of Donna wearing the wedding dress too and a photo of Donna and Bob's wedding day.

Our party didn't go into the alot of relatives had long ways to travel home. So our party was over before dark. However, I couldn't let the Display lanterns go without first taking a photo at night with them all lit. It would have been cool to have a night time party in the tent. Have to keep that in mind for future parties right? LOL! I forgot to mention I ran to Kohl's and bought out their discounted summer table linens. So I had enough for every table in the tent. Also bought those lanterns from Kohl's as the store was trying to get rid of them for the season. So they were on Moocho Sale. I picked up enough for each table. I got most of them for 3 dollars a piece. Pretty good huh? I can use them in my Porch so I figured it was a good deal and I had a place to put them after the party was over(in my porch on the shelf).

We had alot of fun at the party and I hope all the family members and friends had a great time too. I am so glad we gave a party for Dave and Judy for their 50th celebration.
PS-Thanks to all that pitched in for expenses for the party...You know who you are! Thanks!


Preppy Lizard said...

Looks like you had a GREAT party! I love the pictures of them in the previous post...too cute!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary to your In-laws! What a fabulous party! I love the tent, the kids zone and the vignettes of framed wedding photos! What fun! When is your wedding anniversary?

TTYS..Sandy xox

Danielle said...

BEAUTIFUL Anniversary party!!! I love the set-up, the flowers, the food (YUMMO!) and the cute/adorable kids' zone area!!!!! LOVE THAT IDEA :)

OMG her dress is sooooooooo beautiful! What a fantastic idea to have it set up at the party :)