Sunday, June 1, 2008


We are ALMOST ready to start painting the porch. So I went out to the home improvement stores and look for paint swatches. I already have an idea of what colors I might use. My theme is black, Green, and Tan and white. So I am thinking of Sage green on the bead board, with basic white on the trim boards. Depends on how the trim will work and how the ceiling will look in that tone. Otherwise, I had originally wanted just White bead board porch. I found I like the colored bead board. Here some colors I found.....and paint swatches...........................................out of all these I picked just a couple swatches. One is MADE for porches and outdoors and the other I am not sure on. I am hoping I can get it in outdoor paint??? I loved some of the photos on these brochures. Aren't they fun? I picked up a couple porch and floor paint books. This earthy brochure was my favorite...............I think I fell in love with every single color in this book. LOL!

So many lovely nature colors and my fav. muted shades.

I like the one (it's third row down going across and second color). I can't remember the name off hand. I know it had Texas in the name. You can see it better in this inside flap below. It's the 4th color. It's the deeper sage color.

If the colors don't work on the above paints. I am thinking of this one right outta the porch and floor book(outside paint). I like the porches on this brochure. It even had a pix of a porch swing(similar looking to the one I am going with in our porch). Same color scheme almost too. I am thinking this color is a little too olive tone, but will do in a pinch too.

This one was called Garden Lattice I think? Second row across(5th color Not counting big swatches). I should have circled this one but didn't have time. Sorry! Just look for the green sage, olive colors, you will know.
Here is the porch swing again. Love it! I love Behr paint! They have good paints. If only painting was that much fun right? Don't look forward to the painting. I like picking it out but not actually painting anything(LOL)!

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Danielle said...

I love the Enchanted Forest colors.....BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your porch is going to look AMAZING :D