Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here is our bead board we started to put up in the porch. Yes, finally on the home stretch to finishing off this interior. *sigh* I don't have too many pixs as this is as far as the Dh got on the walls yesterday. The ceiling is also bead board. It is a different bead board(sheets) than the walls that have the actual piece together boards. It looks weird now but when it's painted, the wood grain will be less. We did insulate the porch and I think that will keep the heat from scorching in so much.
We have electrical boxes along the wall. Soon we will have the ceiling fan hooked up too. I can almost picture myself with a pina colada in hand...enjoying the summer night time breezes(LOL) as if I ever drink Pina Colada's. Right!?

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Danielle said... that wood!!! I can't believe how much closer you're getting to having your porch :)