Friday, May 2, 2008

Porch Items I found

I've been busy getting ready to use our porch. I am still waiting for the DH to finish the inside of the porch. I want to be ready when he is done, so here is some items I found. Since I found the Sage Green/Black Couch and want to go with that color scheme.

I needed to find a throw pillow to bring out the black in the couch. I found this black Damask pillow from Ballard's Design. So fun and I was able to pick the color fringe too. It was a little pricier but I figured it was sorta custom and would really add to the couch.

Another reason I went with this pillow.....I was able to find a love seat cushion and make it coordinate with this throw pillow. So my Bench Swing will coordinate with the couch. I have Sage green.....Throw pillows with Fringe for the Bench Swing and will coordinate really well with the black damask cushion. Pix of the bench and the cushion below.

We tried the bigger pieces of furniture in the porch and had a heck of a time fitting it in. That couch is a 3 seater and takes up alot of space. Our porch is pretty narrow but long. That alone is a design challenge. It will be tight in the porch with the furnishings but We wanted the larger couch to lounge(plus, my Dh is a big guy, he needs heavy duty...LOL). So besides these two larger pieces of furniture....I will also have a black rocking chair and will group them in a seating group and add this end table as a coffee table in the middle. I will use two of these tables to make a coffee table grouping in the middle. I found the coffee tables to be OUTRAGEOUS in price. So I wasn't able to find a table I liked. I did but it was part of a set and they won't sell them separate. So this set had a end table that was sold separate and here it is below.

I don't think you can see it here in the pix but the black has a bit of gold tones in it. It also has a tile top. I haven't purchased these yet but plan too. In the meantime I am still going to keep and eye out for a better deal or better purchase. I like this one tho and it's affordable.

I did purchase this rug. I am hoping it is what I will like. I ordered it online. I couldn't find any in stores the size I wanted to buy. So I went to Home Depot online and got FREE SHIPPING. I thought this busy pattern would hide dirt more(I didn't want to go with a light color)So I went with the Black in the couch colors and omitted the green. I plan to bring those colors out more in throw pillows and seat cushions.

I am pretty close to done finding all the pieces I needed. Just a few more smaller scale items, Like table cloth(for bistro table) and some chair cushions. I think we picked out a ceiling fan.

Anyone who is interested in finding a bistro table...........Oh My Gosh.........I found the cutest EVER bistro set. I would have scrapped mine and bought this one. However, it was a red color scheme. So it blew that for me. It so cute was Kmart of all places. The Martha Stewart Line. I love the large chairs. I think this bistro set was 130 for the chairs and 90 for the table (?maybe). I thought that was a good price for a bistro set. I have seen uglier ones for much more of a cost. This set would look so good in my front of my house. Have no place for it but sure would match nicely. I could use it for my deck but the Dh and I wanted to wait and see what we would want to use for the deck later. Just working on the inside of porch is an expense too. I had my heart set on a umbrella table for the deck.

Oh, it's stormy out tonight. I should get off this computer. The dog is going to get bezerky now too. I hate late night storms. Hope it doesn't last too long. Good thing Aaron fell asleep before it stormed. He's been obsessing over storms lately.

I am watching QVC scrapbooking late tonight too. Watching as I type this post and hear the thunder and rain come down. LOL! It's National Scrapbook Day this weekend. Thus, QVC is having their scrapbooking shows tonight and tomorrow. Check them out if you can. They have alot of new products on I heard.

I haven't got any scrapbooking done lately. Been obsessing over my porch. I should do some scrapbooking this weekend. Aaron been wanting to scrapbook with me for awhile now. He's anxious to get into his new World Word Book of stickers and scrapbook with me.

Hope everyone has a little scrapbooking craft planned for the weekend. Gotta go here before the lightning gets bad. Have a great night!

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Danielle said...

Looks like you're having a blast finding all of the accessories for your new porch!!!!

LOVE the color-scheme and damask patterns that you're going with! So beautiful :)