Saturday, May 3, 2008

Porch Accessories

The weather was just terrible today AGAIN. So a little shopping made the day more cheery. Ha! I went to the Home goods Store and found some accessories for the porch. I already bought the Fox Weather vane from Target. We have a Fox living in our neighborhood and seen him many times, so I thought the Fox Weather vane was a good Reminder of our friend the Fox. I found the Mosaic lanterns at the Home goods store and the quilted throw. I'm going to add the quilted throw to my black rocking chair. Maybe hang the lanterns for candlelit dinners and such. That Home goods store is so much fun. So many treasures and for such a great price. I always forget about going to that store. It's almost as fun as TJMaxx or Marshall's. We hardly have any TJMaxx around here anymore. I was hoping to find a tablecloth but no luck on the table linen. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for just the right cloth. I thought I would find chair cushions too but no color that would work. They did have nice cushions just not the color I was looking for in a chair pad.

Look who's peeping? Ha!
I tried to get a photo of the lantern lit but it wasn't working out very well. here is all I could get. I think the color is going to work good in the porch. I plan on getting a few more candle type things to add to these.
I haven't really done too much with home decorating in the last few years. I forgot how much fun it is to find just the right treasures. To see things that you picture in your mind....and pull together for real. Just finding that right piece you've been searching for and or compromising and it turning out even more to the liking. The search is definitely part of the challenge and the fun.
What design challenge are you into lately? Please share. Enjoy the weekend!

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Danielle said...

WOW....I love that weathervane and those lanterns...BEAUTIFUL!!!

hehehehhehe love the pic of Aaron peeking through :D