Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meal Day # 4

Meals for the day of Friday............................ Start out with Pumpkin Bread and Fresh Fruit with Cream cheese. Very simple and yummy. Their breads are very good.

Lunch: Many Bean Salad.....whatever that means~Right? No really it was a bean salad. I wasn't sure I would like it but it was good when paired with this bagel. Love the bagel. Bagel and CHEESE ...can't go wrong with that. Also served with a orange.

Here's the better look at the big slice of cheese. YUM! I added the butter(can't have a dry sandwich).

Dinner: YEP time for the Loaded Bake Potato. Really good and can never go wrong with potato and toppings. Meal was served with broccoli(I love veggies and broccoli goes so well with the potato). The meal also had Lima Beans(GAG...didn't eat them but my Dh did try them and hated them....I told him everyone usually hates Lima beans....LOL). I threw some cheese on the Lima beans but it didn't help them out too much. I think I might be adding too much cheese~ha!

Just a plate view of the dinner.
See ya tomorrow with the next days meals. Yeah, it's Friday!!! It's Suppose to be a great weekend. We have to Get some Yard work done. It needs it!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Danielle said...

YUM YUM....I love pumpkin bread!

and I'm an odd-ball cause I LOVE lima beans (and brussel sprouts too!) heheheheheheh :D