Friday, May 16, 2008

Meal Day # 3

Breakfast: Raisin Bagel with Cream Cheese and Stewed Dried Plums and Apple Juice(comes with the meal). I liked it but I like bagels. The PLUMS tho......YUCK! Didn't eat them. LOL!

Lunch: Eclectic Bistro Sandwich and Grapes. This was good sandwich. Has a slaw type veggie spread, with Provolone Cheese and Tomatoes. Definitely a different type of sandwich. I liked it!

Dinner: Here's how we usually cook up the dinner. Place it in the oven for about 20 minutes. I am naughty and add extra cheese(cheddar and Parmesan). I can't live without my cheese!!!

Dinner: Chicken breast with Polenta and Green Beans. I wasn't sure about the polenta but it wasn't bad WITH the meal. LOVED the green beans mixed with mushrooms.
Tasty meals and we picked up our meals today for the weekend and up til Monday night. We ate this while watching LOST! Oh, good dinner and great show!!!
People have asked about my banner, Yes, that is my house LAST YEAR around June sometime. It always looks so fresh and flowers in bloom in June and than July happens. LOL! Not so pretty after that. So i had to get a pix last year when it looked nice. I really put it up on my banner for inspiration. I haven't cleaned out my rock beds YET, and I assure's not like the banner above. I felt good today, I went out and started to clean the dead plants and fix up the beds. We are putting in new Path lights since our old ones got wrecked by the roofers this fall. We benefited from that since our old ones were old and ready for new ones anyway. I like the ones we picked up and there an upgrade from our cheap old ones. Yeah!~
I will be back tomorrow with more meals to share.

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Danielle said...

I'm drooling (I think it's getting close to lunch time here! hehehehe)

That dinner looks so yummy! I've never had polenta before? What does it taste like - or what is it similar to?

I would be adding extra cheese too - I swear I was a mouse in another life!!!!