Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meal Day #2

Breakfast today: Poppy seed Muffin with cream cheese and fresh green apple and Orange Juice. Real simple and tasty breakfast. The muffin was really good.

Lunch was Gazpacho and Carrots with Spinach Dip and chocolate Pudding and orange juice. Everything was tasty ...but the gazpacho soup was a little to different for me. It was ok but maybe would be better with something with it??? Oh my, and the choc. pudding was a treat!

Dinner: Turkey Meatballs with Au gratin potatoes and peas and squash and Crystal Light. This meal was really tasty. Unfortunately, the white sauce to put on top of the meatballs was BAD! Long story, but to make it short...the very first meal I had from SSHE had white sauce. I thought that sauce was something wrong with it too and so did my Dh. His meal was ok. However, today we had the white sauce again. I thought the same thing ...that the sauce was bad. This time both our sauces tasted this way. Fortunately after the first meal- I made the mistake of putting the sauce on BEFORE I tasted it. Now I test the sauces out first. So I didn't dump this on the meatballs. I decided to omit their sauce and use some BBQ sauce I had in the fridge. Turned out great~and it was probably better than the white sauce anyway. So we had BBQ meatballs instead. We pick up our next load of food from SSHE on Thurs. SO I saved the white sauce and we are going to ask SSHE when we pick up our meals. If the sauce is bad or "suppose" to taste that nasty(LOL)! My Dh eats ANYTHING and he thought it tasted spoiled too. Ummmm? I thought it was a isolated incident but maybe not?
No worries tho, I just will keep sauce on hand(LOL) to Dr. up the recipe.
See ya tomorrow for day 3 of meals!


Danielle said...

YUMMY...everything looks delicious :D But I'd have problems with the portions (they're too tiny ehehehhehe) - but that's my prob.... I eat healthy, but my portions are too big!

I need to start my WW again :D

oh, and btw...I LOVE your new banner!!! Your house is GORGEOUS!!!

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

Good for you! I hope all the meals are yummy!

BTW I love your new picture. Is that your house? All the plants are beautiful!