Monday, April 7, 2008

Porch Decor

I received my books from Amazon I ordered on Porches. I am trying to get some sort of ideas going of how to make our porch a comfy resort. Ha! I even picked up some pamphlets from Lowe's and Home Depot. I've visited every store in town I can think of that deals with patio furniture. I've come to the conclusion it's going to be a challenge to make it comfy cozy and still make it AFFORDABLE. Patio furniture is EXPENSIVE. Mostly because we are looking for the kind that is made for outdoors. Our porch will be screened covered but the elements are still going to get into the porch(wind, some rain etc). Here some ideas I have come up with on keeping cost to a low.

Oh wait, first here is a look inside one of the books and one of the porches I thought was cute and cozy and this porch is made kinda similiar to our porch. I like the shades on the windows.

Here is a more fancy porch, I think it's a four season porch....but It had the bead board we are planning to use in our porch. I haven't decided what color YET that we will go with. Either White bead board like this one below or I might make it a sage green. I seen this color on bead board and it was so nice. It looked great with a dark accent color like Black furniture. It really depends on what furniture I will pick and how to paint the walls. It's mostly ceiling space and not walls anyway in the porch. The vaulted ceiling will have most of the bead board work.

Here is what I was talking about cutting corners in cost. The resin wicker is expensive so instead of getting a whole set(that won't fit in our porch anyway) I was thinking of picking up one couch size wicker and the rest of the space I am filling with Affordable Rockers, and swings. I can than pick up what ever cushion covers and throw pillows that match.

I love porch swings So I am hoping we can make this porch swing work in our porch. We do have minimal space but I think we can get this in.
Here some wicker we found ......I haven't found one piece I have loved YET. This was a maybe.....we found it at Watson's. It would only be the couch(3 seater). What I am finding now, is it's hard to find wicker and really hard to find it not as a set. Watson's did sell them separate and this particular couch was discounted. We found a couch we really liked at Costco but it was in a set....and it wasn't cheap either. If anyone can suggest a place for affordable wicker(It has to be the outdoor wicker) please let me know. I think we are pretty set on getting one wicker piece but I won't rule out another option either. It just has to fit in with the decor and the size of the porch.
I am adding my bistro table into the porch too. I had this bistro table collecting dust forever in my basement. Since it's limited space....I thought this table would work perfect for our family in the porch. I bought new chairs for it. I have chairs that go with the table but I am partial to them. I am using them inside the house and I liked them inside. SO I found some inexpensive ones at Costco. They are stackable and durable for our deck outside too. Just have to get some cushions for them. So I am slowly thinking of what to do with our porch. IT won't be long and it will be nice enough to sit in there SOON. SO hopefully my Dh can Kick it into gear and get it finished up. We have the inside left(the bead board and finishing up the windows screens) and some deck work left. Oh and the finish up.
I also need to find some kind of blinds, and or shades. To keep the sun from shining in at times. I have no clue where to find that? Any ideas will help. I have to find ones that are able to handle outdoor elements. Than I have to find small things like the rug, and lamps and accessories.
Part of the fun is the "hunt" for items and things. I've been searching online alot too.
Again, if anyone has any suggestion I would love to hear them.
Have a great rest of your Monday Night.


Danielle said...

WOW...sounds like you've got a fun task ahead of you :)

OMG I would LOVE to have a porch to sit LUCKY GIRL!!!

I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it :)

Liz said...

I love all your porch inspiration pictures. I need to work on my porch as well. It's the room I am starting to work on next (in hopes that it gets nice here soon)!

MNScrapbookmom said...

I love these books and photos... I really love looking at outdoor deco magazines. They always get my mind flowing for such great summer plans. Let us know what you decide. :)¥