Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gail's of April

Favorite Northshore hangout is having the "Gail's of April". Usually this kind of waves happen in November. Crazy! I only wish we could have been up that way watching the waves at Bluefin Resort. The lake is fun to watch from a safe distance when the waves are this huge.

We had some of this snow in the metro area but not too much. We did have to drive thru it on Thursday. We were up in Grand Forks, ND to see my Sis Francine. We ended up driving home Thurs. Afternoon. That's when the weather got kinda bad. Luckily the roads were still pretty warm.....and the snow was just Wet for most of our drive.

Here is some more weather footage of Duluth storm from Kare 11 news. We had to drive thru St. Cloud and here is the Kare 11 weather from St. Cloud. That gives you idea of what we drove thru.

We spent most of our week(without internet.....oh...that was the worst) in Grand Forks helping out my sis. She had a lump biopsy scheduled and we were there t o help her out. We took her to the clinic and they did the biopsy. I went in with Franny to give her moral support. Found out first hand what happens for a breast biopsy. OWE! owe! Franny did really good, way better than I would ever do. They stuck that needle in a few times over to get the biopsy. It was a fairly fast procedure. We spent the rest of the day and next with Franny. She already got her results back and it was non cancerous(90 percent of those are usually benign). So that was really good news.

My nephew, Neil goes to UND(University of North Dakota) we took him out for Lunch right before we left town. We went to a place called: Suite 49. It was a new bar/eatery right next to the Ralph Ingelstad Arena, UND campus. It was a nice visit with Neil. He's about to graduate at UND this Summer with a Masters in meteorology. Those kids are growing up so so fast. He's not a kid anymore. I remember when I first moved to Mpls/St. Paul .....and I stayed at my sis house for awhile. Neil was just about Aaron's age. Time flies!

Our weather has been very crazy this Spring. I am trying to dream of porches and it keeps dumping snow on our porch. Hard to picture warm weather. It's suppose to warm up. I can't wait! In the meantime I caught a horrible sore throat up in Grand Forks. So i am sorta sick. I hate sore throats. It usually turns into a nasty cold later.

The weather has been so unsettled that the birds are going nutso. I have a photo of 100 of Robins in our yard. They were going nutty over the berries on our Crab tree. They shouldn't eat those berries. They get drunk off the berries and than hit the windows of our house. I heard a loud THUNK the other day. Looked out the window and saw all the robins in our yard. Fighting and going crazy over the drunk berries. Ha ha ha! Aaron got a kick out of it and we both took pixs of the birds going crazy.

I will post that pix later. I haven't downloaded those pixs yet.

Well, I should go here and get some Tea for my sore throat. I hope everyone is having a really fun weekend. I've been enjoying every one's pixs of A REAL SPRING in other parts of the country. We don't get a very nice SPRING in MN.

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Danielle said...

WOW...those storms look horrible! Looks like our weather ~ but it's been pretty sunny the past 2 days, so the snow is melting quickly...thank goodness!!!

That was super sweet that you went to see your sister Francine and stayed with her during her procedure. That must have been horrible...yuck! But I'm soooooooooooo happy that everything is ok :) YOUPPIE!!!

Robins...I wish ~ I can't wait to see your pictures :D I bet they're beautiful!!!