Sunday, February 10, 2008


Just a reminder that it's that time of year again................................The Spring Preview of the Parade of Homes in Minnesota. There is a few million dollar ones on my list to gawk at near us. LOVE IT! A girl can dream right? Last fall the best parade of home we saw......was in our own backyard practically. Usually most of the "good" ones to view are in the Minnetonka, Mound and or south metro. Anywhere near Lake Minnetonka.

Another reminder that the Westminster Kennel Dog show is on Monday and Tuesday night on the USA channel. Hope a Shih Tzu wins..........I don't think a Shih Tzu Ever has won the Westminster? A few years back ....................there was this one shih tzu(can't remember his name) but he almost won. He got about 2nd place. I think it's time for a shih tzu to win don't you? ha ha ha........................................

On the scrapbooking front, I am almost done with my Valentine's photo holder project. I know, I know..........I am like such a pathetic Scrapper! I have just accepted the fact that I am a "recreational" Scrapper. Aren't we all tho really? ha! I work on it when I can find the time. In between all the wash, cooking, cleaning, taking care of little guys and big guys, and a shih tzu that cusses at me ALL THE TIME. Muffin's been so winey lately. If I am not paying attention to her at all times or giving her a lap to sit in. So, at times I start scrapbooking but spend like ten minutes..........and something else comes up and I leave the scraproom and than get back to it hours later. LOL! How can you have any mojo when it's so spread out? My little guy likes scrapbooking with me. I set up his little desk in my small little space. He is enjoying scrapbooking with me. His MIL gave him a nice pair of kid scissors..........and he is really enjoying cutting everything up. I let him use some of my punches too. His little desk is really a magnetic board/chalk board with a little desk connected to it. I gave him some of my magnetic holders to hold his scissors to his desk and some of his "art" he hung up on the board part.
Here is a pix of Aaron's desk/magnetic board. The pix was taken at Christmas time and it's down in the messy unfinished basement here. The reason we got this for him was it was compact and movable. So it's easy to move around the house. Also in the photo is Aaron new "computer". He has a learning computer but it looks like a real computer. He likes it!!!

This is good set up to try to get some more scrapbooking in. I got my Cosmo Cricket Kit in the mail already too. I will post a pix of it. The kit comes so compact in two boxes. Really nice! I was worried about having a 9,000 piece kit to find room for/but QVC always packages thing so nice and compact. Slick! I just put the kit under my bed til I have time for it. Under my bed has become my wasteland of scrap supplies. Ha! It's so convienient since my scraproom is in my bedroom sitting area. I am afraid, I've become a pack rat thanks to scrapbooking. In the past I would have NEVER put things under the bed. I hate clutter!!! Not much you can do/when your running out of room. At least that is the ONLY thing under the bed(besides dust bunnies).

Hope everyone in blogland had a wonderful Weekend. It was super cold here.........windy, frigid cold weather. Good weekend for scrapbooking!!!
ps-Is anyone else's blogger spell check not working or is it just me? this is killing me. I am the worlds worse speller, now everyone can know it*ha*(blogger keeps giving me error when I click on it).


Sandy said...

How awesome that you have the Cosmo Cricket! Your son's desk is sooo cute! I didn't know that your oasis is in the sitting area of your room! Cool usage of space! Happy scrapping! ..Sandy P.S I didn't even know we had spell check-yikes!

Danielle said...

OMG that desk is super cute!!!! I love that he sets up his little lap top on there as adorable!

I'm glad you're still scrapping...and no you're no pathetic! It's great that you go at it a little bit at a time :) Sometimes, that's the best way to go! That's what I'm doing right now.....working on a few challenges/sketches, a little bit at a time :)

Oh...that house parade sounds amazing!!! I remember you mentioning it from last year ~ sounds like fun!!!

Blogger has spell check? I had no clue heheheheh :)

MNScrapbookmom said...

My spell check is not working either !!! It drives me crazy because the last thing I want is to be critisized on spelling. GEEZ... I need spell check back - please.. :( Glad that you received your Cosmo Kit... It was a very cool kit. My Scraproom.. love it. It has become very cluttered - and I decided quite awhile ago that I wouldn't buy supplies that were just going to sit around - so that has helped...a little. I still buy things though. Scrapbooking is a great hobby for the impulse buyer, and you can't help but want everything... Aww...I am learning to live with a little clutter...Only because I love Scrapbooking!!! lol...¥