Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday and Monday review

Well, our super bowl party was YUM! Lots of Junk food. As seen in the pixs below. I tried making one healthy thing(veggie tray)minus the dip(ha)! Doug bought this taco dip at the grocery store. We had our sloppy joes and chip and dip. Lots of cookies, brownies etc......

Grandma brought over a present for Muffin to enjoy. She tore into it right away to discover some tasty Beggin strips. She just loves presents!

I did start my Valentine project(paper project)but only spent minimal time on it. SO I only got one photo card made on my diplay holder. So I don't have anything to show for it. I am going to try to work on it more this week. Been busy and distracted this week with looking for some preschool programs for Aaron. We went to a Preschool fair in our area. That was a really nice program they had set up for parents. It really helped us out alot with decided or least a start to make a decison. Speaking of Aaron.............I found him one morning like this in his room. LOL!

He said he couldn't sleep on his bed so he made a little "set up" on the floor and slept on the floor. He figured it was like "camping out". He even had his water and kleenex tissue by him.

He's so inventive that little guy! So cute!

I caved in and bought the Cosmo Cricket Kit on QVC this weekend too. My MIL offered to get it for me for Valentine's Day. So I just couldn't resist. I hope I can find room in my scraproom for it. I also ordered the MM Brads kit. That kit was just too yummy. Loads of those cute big brads. I love those! I was surprise to see so many new items. QVC even had the new Valentine Kit from Kand Company. I was just shocked it was already offered. That's cool tho. Cuz it so much cheaper from QVC than in the store. Did you see that BLING IT ON kit. Oh I wanted that but it sold out in seconds. I am sure they will bring it back in May. IT was so popular. Everyone likes the bling!
Well gotta run here but I am taking a break for a few days so I can get some scrapbooking done. I'll post when I get my Vday project done. ha ha..........whenever that could be? I need a break anyway, I am a little annoyed about what's going on within the scrapbooking community and the nasties going on. A person I frequent their blog had to shut their blog down because they got bullyied by scrapbookers. Chicks can be so nasty to one another! Jealousy and slander in it's finest. I have heard of this happening to teenagers online but ADULTS? Come on people were suppose to be older and wiser.
PS-sorry about the spelling errors lately, My spellcheck doesn't seem to be working and I am too lazy to check over my spelling. ha!


A Novelist said...

Oh that veggie tray looks gorgeous (and yummy)! Nice and healthy too! :)

Sandy said...

As usual you throw the best parties girl! The pic of your son 'camping' is priceless! Hope you get lots of scrapbooking done.Oh and one day I have to tell you about how I got bullied on etsy and had to remove an item I made! It shocks me as well that there are still some 'adults' out there that bully others!Where are you going on vaca? ...Sand

Anonymous said...

It was a fun party. You are a great hostess.

I can't wait for our little vacation together, it is going to be fun. Love you... Doug

MNScrapbookmom said...

Great veggie tray... :)You caved on a Cricut... I wanted one over a year ago, and decided that I didn't need it. Now, once in awhile when someone says that they just got one... I ponder the thought of getting one. Please share with us what you think of it, and if you think that you will use it alot. I don't have alot of room in my Scraproom, but I would still like to get one if it is a logical buy. Thanks...¥

Paul-ene said...

I'd fill you in on the cricuit but I didn't get the cricuit die cutting machine.

I got Cosmo Cricket TSV kit. Sorry for the confusion. I always debate if I should get the cricuit cutter too but I already have my quickutz. I know it's not the samething but I think the cricuit is too expensive right now. maybe if it goes way down in price. I think if I was to get a diecutting machine /I would go for the sillouette machine. just because it works with your computer/and you can use any font from your computer. I like that/I think that is more for your money as far as fonts go. You don't have to pay to get a different font everytime and store fonts everywhere. You can literally use any font you download to your computer. That's slick! Don't quote me on that but I think it's what it does. I think the wishbade works the same too.

Danielle said...

WOW that kit looks incredible!!!! So happy that you got it :)

Some ladies came be so darn nasty ~ I thought scrapbooking was supposed to be a hobby about our photos....who the heck is going to comment/whine about my photos?!?! Nobody! I can't believe what they're doing!!! Do you have that *nasty* blog addy?

LOVE the pics of your little sweetie on the floor - he looks so comfy :) Kennedy does that every now and then ehehehhe :) TOO CUTE!!!