Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend lived up to it's predictions...........super cold outside! We stayed in and It was my MIL's Bday. So at her request we made her a Mexican Style meal. Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice and Black beans. After our meal we had bday cake and coffee. Aaron helped Judy blow the candles out.

I took this video of Muffin. LOL............she hates putting all this warm gear on to go outside. When it's this cold out(in the minuses and wind chills)we always put Muffin's Sweater on her and her suspender footie's. She HATES IT SO BAD! If we didn't dress her up this way she would get outside and not do her "business" and hold her paw up in the air(meaning: she was too cold to go on). She does protest much and when she comes back in she can hardly wait to get the stuff off. Here's video of that.

I decided I needed to get more video of the old gal. She going to be Ten at the end of this month. That means if we are lucky we have a good 5 to 6 years left with her(sob). So I need to get video of these things that are so special of the dog I don't want to forget. Muffin gets so spunky when she comes in from the cold. Especially when she knows a treat is on it's way.
Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did get some scrapbooking in(yeah)! I'm off to get some more "IN". Have a great Day!


Sherry said...

Your birthday dinner for Judy sounded delicious!!!!! And I loved the cake, plus the little helper with the candles. Seeing these photos just made me smile inside -- my boys used to love to do that!!!

Your baby looks so cute all "dressed up" - and I hear you on taking more video -- when we realize that fur babies are getting "older" we also realize how precious our time with them is.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to your MIL! Muffin is so much smaller than I thought!It was nice hearring your voice on the video!

San :O)

Danielle said... sure was could this weekend ~ seems like your weather is just like ours :(

LOVE the cake, and the supper sounds yummy!!!

SUPER CUTE video of Muffin ehehehehehe :D

Regina said...

Wonderful birthday celebration
Your cake looks very delicious,yummm
Have a nice week,

Laume said...

LOL - that video is hysterical. My chihuahua hates putting on a sweater - I only put one on her once or twice a year, and maybe a Halloween costume. I thought of getting her some booties (the ones on elastic look better than the ones that just slip on) because of all the snow, but I can't imagine her putting up with it. She doesn't LIKE going out in the snow or rain to "do her business", but she knows I'm a mean ol' mom and make her so she just does it quickly.