Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Slacker's been so long since I posted. I feel the need to make a post about being a slacker. A slacker blogger. I wish I had a good reason. I've just been lazy and slow ever since the holidays. I did manage to get my Christmas stuff put away in the boxes(Yeah)! Not in the crawl space in the basement. Just in the basement and ready and lined up for the storage.

I've been really tired lately. Perhaps the" after holidays blues". Either that or it's the new TVs we've been couch potato(ing) watching. Yep, we finally bought a couple upgrades. My son's TV got zapped by lightning this summer. So we got some insurance for it and we indulged in the new flat panel TVs. We had enough left- over from that and some money from Christmas to put towards another family room TV. We didn't buy any extravagant TV...........just a simple version. As we plan to upgrade one day to a theatre type setting in the basement. Someday when we finish the basement.

The difference is amazing tho with that HD TV. WOW! Really nice compared to our old set. Speaking of old set. My Dh lugged that thing down the basement steps(to put it down there for temporary) and he about killed himself/and the STEPS(big chips out of the wood). I'm telling you those old tube TV should be a thing of the past. They are so dangerous for children and anyone for that matter. So heavy ..................the new TVs are so lightweight and portable.

Aaron loves his TV too. He's been without his little TV to watch DVD on in his room. Which means every night he's begging to use my Bedroom one. Ha! So I am happy he has his own. He doesn't care as much about watching TV as he does...........Playing with the remotes to the TV. I swear that kid knows more about the TV remote than I do. He's obsessed with remotes.

Well, Gotta run here and get some sleep. I plan on getting the house clean this week. So I can have a big scrapbooking weekend for myself. I haven't scrapbooked in months. Plus, it's suppose to be COLD outside. I mean more than normal COLD. Artic blast! Love that kinda weather. The stay in and stay warm, eat comfort food, and maybe even couch potato some more. Sounds good!

Thanks to all that stopped in to check on me and ask if I was ok. I guess it's been awhile since I made my last post. I'm ok and our family is good.


Sandy said...

Sorry that I haven't checked-in o you..I have been too busy to even breathe. No more swaps for me! I have been creating some stuff in hopes they will be published as well. I call this weather 'Frigidaire' (get it;frigid air). It's like a deep freezer out there and it makes me want to hybernate. I hope you get some scrapbooking therapy soon. I am going to an all day crop on Saturday-yipee! Wish we lived close so we could go together!

Warm Hugs!

Sherry said...

I'm glad to know you are well, just tired and from the sound of it, just living your life. I was checking in regularly to see if you were back so I'm happy to see that you have posted twice since I was last here!!

This winter seems to be especially bad for the blahs and the fatigue -- I don't know why. I've been feeling this way and so have so many others. I think just 'hibernating' and doing what feels good is the best way to cope with it!

Danielle said...

Those TVs sound AMAZING!!!!!!

Our computer got zapped by lighting this summer ~ I wonder if we should call the insurance people???