Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Winter Wonderland

Saturday brought more snow to our front door. Check out what we woke up to. Really heavy, snow covered trees. So pretty! We needed this since our snow was starting to melt the other day. I think we will have a white Christmas as more snow is suppose to fall Sunday. I have alot of my Christmas "to do" list done now. I have presents wrapped, stockings ready, baking treats done, and setting up my holiday table(which I will post about soon). So tomorrow should be a laid back day of rest. We are having Lasagna for our Christmas Eve Dinner, with salad, bread and Wine. Should be FUN! Christmas day we have our annual honey ham and all the fixings. I have my groceries all in the pantry and ready for the festivities. Thanks to Simon's Delivers. I love that online grocery store. The Simon's site was down when I ordered my groceries. They got my groceries to me anyway and gave me a huge apology and a discount for my next order. I so love their customer service. So much better than most. Kinda like my ordeal with Yankee Candle this year. Their customer service was not so nice and really was a terrible experience. My order for Christmas took a month to fill and I ordered well before Thanksgiving. Terrible! Plus, when I inquired about my order....they either blew me off or gave me a big song and dance with no answers. Plus, one of my sister's still hasn't gotten her Christmas candle YET. Terrible! My sister said they even showed the amount on the receipt. They were suppose to give a nice complimentary gift tag with my message on it. The amount was in big bold letters and my message was so tiny. My mother didn't even notice the message at all. Can I say how disgusted I am with that company. They didn't even compensate me or give me a discount for all those troubles. Ok, Enough soap's a bummer really. I love their candles so much but I may never order from them again. When a company won't even answer your emails from their customer's just not worth it to deal with them ever again. Oh well, if anyone has any ideas on new candle sites let me know. I will leave you with this wonderful views of our snow covered trees.


Danielle said...

OMG Pauline....the snow looks amazing!!!!

I wish it would snow here...we've had rain now for the past 2 days and the temperature is more than zero, so everything is melting and getting so darn's a mess! I hope it gets chillier and starts snowing soon ~ I'll post pics on my blog this afternoon!

WOW...that delivery service is excellent!!! It would be fun to have a grocery delivery service here ~ but I don't gets me out of the house and gives me "me time" ehehehhe :) The other company sounds horrible ~ their customer service needs to be kicked up a few notches...quite a few notches actually. I stay away from companies like that!

I can't wait to see your holiday table decorations!!!!

Sandy said...

Too bad about Yankee's crappy customer service!!! BTW, is that a view of your backyard?It's breath-taking! Enjoy your white Christmas!!!

Warm Hoilday Hugs!
Sandy Claus

Paul-ene said...

Yes, that's our backyard, sideyard, and front yard. Love that snow that sticks to the trees. It's still snowing today. FUN!

paru's_circle said...

ahh.. snow, wish it snowed here.. make a snowman for me and post a piccie ;-)
(the other P)