Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog Party Today

It's time for Debb's Christmas blog party! I think I got the date right this time around? Here some more fun with the Christmas Candles. I added a new one. It's my new Yankee candle Mosaic shade. I bought this to go with my other two candles. Here some images of the candle lit(flash, no flash).

The snowflake/vanilla candle I gave as Christmas presents to family and friends.

Remember I promised everyone a guest celebrity. Well here is a video of that guest and he is even going to sing you some Christmas Songs. My son Aaron just LOVES this celebrity.

Ha! I bought this singing Elmo for my son Aaron, he just loves it and pushes the button to have Elmo Sing all the time. Thought it would make a good greeting for the party. What do you think?

Ok, now time for some serious cookie posts. I hope you have a sweet tooth because the next images will either make you sick....or make your tummy growl. Ha!

First, My favorite easy Spritz cookies. Love this cookie. It's fast, easy and makes alot of cookies.

I make them with the pampered Chef cookie press. works great!

I press them out onto the cookie sheets and decorate them with loads of sugar goodness. YUM!

When done in the oven.......let them cool on cookie rack and they are ready to eat. Help yourself!

I hope your ready to taste some real Chocolate-E rich brownies.

I make these from scratch with a real easy recipe. This year I put a ribbon of cream cheese in the middle. YUM!

You can only eat these babies when your craving some SERIOUS chocolate cravings. Very rich but tasty.

You really can't just eat one so help yourself to as many as you want.

Below is the ingredients for the brownies. Very simple brownie mix. The hardest part to these brownies is the dipping them in chocolate for the final step. Very messy!

You know you want one more.........go ahead and take as many as your tummy can handle! Try some coffee/or tea with your brownie. Maybe milk would be a better choice since these are so rich.

Help yourself next to some frosted sugar cookies. These are made with a basic sugar cookie dough and frosted with Powdered sugar frosting.

I had alot of fun decorating these cookies. I always make my frosting a bit too thin.....it's so hard to get the consistency right. Anyway, I had fun with the frosting as you can see.

I just love making these tasty classic cookie. It's become a tradition in our home. It's almost as fun decorating these cookies as it is to eat them.

Here is the sugar cookie dough rolled out. Along with the cut-outs in the dough and ready to put on the baking sheet.

Makes alot of cookies..................

Do you see Aaron's cookie? My son Aaron helped make a few cookies. He is a great little helper and he did such a good job on his cookie.

One last cookie I promise! Here are my favorite. There's no bells or whistles on this average cookie. It's just my favorite because it's super simple and yummy.

The dough is easy but I usually double it and make these twice the size. I like a serious cookie with my coffee and this revised dipped vanilla is the way to go.

Loaded with yummy walnuts or pecans. I dip these half in chocolate and there good to go. These are the best cookie to compliment a cup of coffee.

Here is a photo of the vanilla cookie without the chocolate.......................and than..............with the chocolate. YUM!

Well, sorry the loaded post of treats. I hope I didn't make you too FULL for dinner now. Ha! I hope you enjoyed your treats while listening to the singing Elmo. I hope everyone is ready for Christmas as it's onto the Christmas Count down already. Our stockings are hung and are ready.

If you want more than just treats................I have a post on our holiday home decor a couple post down(Dec. 12th). All our images of our holiday home can be found on that post.

I also wanted to share with you the post from last year..............on Christmas. Thought I would share what we did on our Christmas Day. You will want to go check it out just for the holiday dinner photo. YUM! The link can be found here: Our Christmas Day 2006.

One more thing, my cards are about ready to send out.......here is a peak at the collage I picked out from Shutterfly.com. Alot of photos you have seen on the blog. I guess you can tell I like the candles photos....ha...used them in my holiday card too.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday party blog. I will leave you with Elmo.............................and a last greeting. Thanks for stopping by.


Debb said...

Thanks for doing the christmas blog party, but the candy ,cookies fudge right now I think would make me sick. love your blog for christmas.
Santa Debb

Kari & Kijsa said...

Those cookies look absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and recipes!

Merry Christmas blessings,

kari and kijsa

Sandy said...

Can you be my mom???I just love how you baked so many delicious goodies for the holidays!! Elmo is soo cute. Will get my kids to watch it when they return home from school! Come and get pampered at my Christmas party!

paru's_circle said...

sorry i saw all this too late.. i guess they have been eaten long ago
all the best for the coming festivities
the one who has the same name as u!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

wow! your cookies look de-lish! going to try your brownie recipe with my grandson and add some dried cranberries, as we get local ones from Wis. thanks for sharing your Christmas treats.. Have a safe and Merry Christmas..

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

wow what a great party and you did awesome cookies...oh my truly a wonderful blog...
Happy Holidays to you and yours...

zUzU said...

Oooo =^..^=
How ::wonderful:: Your Christmas looks yummy!

Now I want to bake cookies! Lotsa cookies!
I mean right NOW ... with sprinkles too.

And, I'm with Aaron! I adore the celebrity
guest you've invited too! Love that little clip! ::giggle::

Thanks for inviting me to the party.
I had SOooo much fun!
I really should see if the Faeries at my cottage
would like to help me with one. Hummm ...
Maybe they would let me peek at what they are doing. I should ask them ::wink::
You never know unless you ask, right?

Kisses for the Muffin Puppers, whata doll!
=^..^= love, zU

Regina said...

All your christmas cookies looks
very,very delicious.My favorite is vanilla cookies with chocolate,yummi... I wish you are my
neighbour,than we can sit at the table with all those cookies and a
good cup of coffee.
Merry Christmas

Debb said...

I can't remember if I asked you for your address I have asmall gift to send you for beat the party. Just email me at debbgeor@sbcglobal.net

Bren said...

I really loved your cookies and you surely know how to decorate cookies. I will be back and in the meantime.

I am having a GIVEAWAY at Bren's Little Cottage, please sign up..
Help me spread the word.

:) Bren


kathy said...

Sorry i missed the party -- complications . Thank you for visiting -- Your home and blog are lovely .. Hope to visit more soon
Kathy _Countrychintz .blogspot.com

Cheryl Wray said...

Your decorated cookies are GORGEOUS!!!! I love all the colors you use on them!!!

And mmmm....love Yankee candles.I bet your home smells wonderful!

Danielle said...

OMG I just adore this post!!!! This sounds like so much fun :) I hope that I can make it to one of the next blog parties ~ I always seem to have something planned when they happen ehehhehe :) (I'm not always that busy!)

LOVE your Christmas cards too ~ they are beautiful!!!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Pauline, I am so sorry that I missed your party. I missed alot... Look at those beautiful cookies !!! You always make the most wonderful looking treats. Love your candles too. I love Yankee Candles. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family. ¥

wonderdahl said...

Amazing! Wish I was at your home for Christmas. Me want COOKIES! ha ha I'm making chocolate chip and that's all... How boring!

Love all the pics. Puts me in a holiday mood. Your home looks beautiful and inviting. You've got the gift for decorating and being a gracious hostess.

Love the Christmas card, too!!!
Blessings in 2008