Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas! It's about done but wanted to share some highlights of our day. Unfortunately my camera is a little on the fritz. So most of my Christmas Eve photos didn't turn out too well. I think I can try to fix them if not..........BOO HOO!!! I didn't take too many at least. My camera decided to work Christmas Day(Go figure)?

We started off the morning with Stockings. Here some views(we had leftover presents from Christmas Eve that Aaron didn't get to opening). So there is alot of bags and presents all by the fireplace. I place our stockings every year by the fire place hearth.

Do you see Muffin's Stocking...........well she scoped it out right away. That Shih Tzu just LOVES Christmas. She is more excited than Aaron for presents. I have some video to prove it.

I hope all this video works(LOL)! Muffin did eventually get her rawhide candy cane. She was ready to tear up all of Aaron's stuff to get to her candy canes. That's why I threw her stocking away from the present area.

After stockings I took some candid photos of Aaron. He was wearing his footed snowman Jammie's.

Here what was in "some" of the stockings: Aaron decided to show you but held them up over his face. Ha! Below: curious George in the box, Handy Mandy DVD, Wonder pets DVD, and some oven mitts.

Afterwards, Aaron played all afternoon with his new toys and I made supper. We didn't change it up any. We had the Same meal we had last year for Christmas Day. Honey Glazed Ham and Carrots, Asparagus tips and Cheesy potatoes. Only this year we made our own glaze sauce. It was good but Doug hated the clove in the sauce. Next year we will make it without the clove. I didn't mind the clove but it was overpowering. We decided to eat in the dining room since we used it the night before(Christmas Eve) and I kept it made up for our Dinner. It was fun to watch the snowfall and eat our Christmas Dinner. So pretty outside today!

After dinner we took some more photos........this one of Aaron I like.

He was wearing his Santa Jammie's and doing a jig dance~ha!
I think this one is my fav. of the day! Maybe next year it will be on our Christmas Card. Aaron is getting SO big.

We were going to watch a movie after dinner but it was so FUN and pretty outside. We just decided to get bundled up and go outside. I caught these photos of our fresh snow. We are getting a banner year for snow this year. We usually don't have that much snow by Christmas. So much for global warming hey? hee hee

I love this one of the tree branch covered in snow.

IT was getting dark(which is around 4:00 pm around here). However, we just couldn't resist getting these out: Check it out

This is what you do for FUN in the snow

Yup, not finished yet click below(we happen to catch our neighbor having his OWN kinda FUN-His Dog Martin LOVED it too by the looks of things).

Sorry the vid is so dark....it was getting late and dark outside. We ended up going for a little ride down our neighborhood. Aaron loved it too and I think he's going to wanna ride some more now.

As you can see in the pixs below ..........it was still snowing. It's suppose to snow more this week. WOW...........a nice Minnesota winter for a change. LOVE IT!

Doug on my phazer(Yamaha). Looks like the Yamaha was the only working sled. Those Polaris are dead weights I swear(Disclaimer: if you have a Polaris I sincerely apologize for the dead weight comment~hee hee)! Our neighbor was back in our yard with his Polaris and he couldn't get it to start. He was stranded in our yard. Than, Doug used his dad old Polaris to go on our ride down the neighborhood and it died on us too. My little OLD Phazer just kept running and was mint. Love that machine. It's old timer but it runs like a top.

There is the extra garage and the evergreens in the backdrop.......so pretty! It's fun to ride snowmobile when it's snowing outside. So much fun. This was a fun Christmas Day and so glad we had some snow to play in. How was your Christmas? I'll be visiting every one's blogs to find out. God Bless on this Christmas Holiday!


MNScrapbookmom said...

Pauline...Looks like you all had a ball at Christmas. Aaron does look like he is getting bigger - taller. He is so adorable, and I love his smile... he's such a sweet boy. Love that you included pics of your snowmobile. :) Love the snow !! It was really beautiful yesterday seeing it falling for so long. I am sure that it was not fun traveling in for some, but I loved how it looked. Great post. Love all your photos, and videos of muffin. lol... Stay warm !!! ¥

Danielle said...

WOW Pauline!!!!! I love the little videos of Muffin trying to get his Christmas stocking ~ too flippin' cute!

Looks like Aaron had a wonderful Christmas...he looks so happy with his new gifts and pyjamas ~ hehehehehe love the little "Jig-Dance" in his Santa pj's....too cute!!!

Your dinner looks so yummy! ~ I love ham and those cheesy potatoes look amazing :) YUMMO!!!!

The snows pictures are beautiful!!! I love watching the snow falling too ~ I'm determined to take a picture of a snowflake this year...of course, not a close-up with Snowflake Bentley did, but a nice pic of one on my hand/mitten! It's a goal I have every year, but it's a hard one!!! ehhehehe :)

LOVE the skidoo/snowmobile videos...looks like everyone is having fun ~ especially the little guy on the sled being driven by the 4-wheeler ~ YOUPPIE ehheheheheheheheheh :) Fun times!

My ex-father in law used to have a Polaris too...and they are super heavy ~ he also had trouble starting it at times, but I loved the machine!!!! It was so much fun!!!!!

Rick said...

Wow - you all DID have a white Christmas. We have a Shih Tzu too, Molly. She's getting up there in age -13.5 years old. I always say "Sheets Zu" when tell people what kind of dog she is - saves a little nervous laughter after I do.


Sherry said...

Loved seeing all your photos and I smiled when I was looking at the ones of your son...it seems like yesterday when mine were that age and now they're 19 and 16...time passes much too quickly!!!

I'm glad that you had such a wonderful Christmas and I'm sending you blessings of love, laughter and as many dreams as your heart can hold for the coming year. Happy New Year!! May it be inspiring!!


zUzU said...

=^..^= oh Muffin!

Whatta cutie ...
Loved the video!

Wish you had one of the little
"jig dance" given by Aaron!
That would have been priceless!

Christmas looked like a dream at your house.
Happy New Year! Indeed!

=^..^= xx love, zU