Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Dining

Happy Christmas Eve! I have my table ready for Christmas Eve. I think I told everyone we were having lasagna, Salad, bread and wine. I am very excited this year. This is the year we changed it up a bit. We usually do appetizers and punch and sandwiches for Christmas Eve. I suggested a sit down meal this time and we are going to do that. We usually don't use my dining table because it more casual dining. However, now that we are doing a real meal..............I wanted to make up the table. I didn't have much for Christmas-just a mismatch of plates. However, I did have this poinsettia dishes(but only four place settings). I needed I mixed and matched with the dishes I already had............and here is the result.

I didn't have a Christmas tablecloth either. I did have this green stripe match my green dishes. I also had this little square poinsettia tablecloth. So I thought if I corner it onto the middle it would make a nice accent piece for the table and jazz it up for Christmas. Pretty good....I feel I pulled a rabbit out of hat trying to come up with things I already had in the house. I almost went out and bought a tablecloth. Luckily I had that little poinsettia cloth. It really does match the dishes.

Again, I just used my Yankee Candle for the centerpiece............and my other candles I already had. I used my Santa napkin ring holders.............and put a candy cane in each one. I have my new Dock station piped ready for Holiday music too. Speaking of.........................................................guess what we got for Christmas a little early for ourselves??? Can't guess? well drum roll please(blummmmmmmm)

Yes, it's a MP3player. We went with the zune. I got the black! Yeah, can't wait to download music and Video and More.

I hope everyone out in blogland has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day.


Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

Sandy said...

It all looks so lovely!I hope you have a wonderful time!Merry Christmas!

paru's_circle said...

looks really grand! enjoy your xmas eve meal .. and your new mp3 player..
all the best to you and yours

Sherry said... did an absolutely incredible job in putting together at Christmas festive table!! I am so impressed...I hope your guests were as impressed as we are...and I'm sure the meal was delicious.

Sending you Merry Christmas blessings...may all the magic you wish for be filling your heart today.


Anonymous said...

I love your Holiday table, it looks fantastic and cost you nothing as you used what you had.
That is my favorite way of decorating. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS :) Bren

Danielle said...

LOVE your Christmas looks fantastic :) I love all the mismatches dishes ~ they look great together and I adore what you did with the tablecloths... great rabbit trick ehehehhehe :)

That Yankee Candle is beautiful as your centerpiece...LOVE IT!!!!

Your Black Zune is awesome!!! I hope you enjoy it :D