Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow

Our first snow of the season is HERE.............check it out this was Saturday. Blowing Snow and later freezing sleet. I am thankful we got our roof done when we did. Look at the garage roof NOW.

This is what the results were the next day. Pretty and sunny and bright because of the fresh snowfall.

My Dh makes all these pathways with his tractor/snow blower for our dog Muffin. So she can walk easier thru the snowbanks. Works great for a mag shift road to our extra garage too. I'm glad it's so pretty!


Sandy said...

Isn't the snow so beautiful! How nice of your DH to pave the way for Muff!

paru's_circle said...

ahh.. lovely snow.. we dont get snow here, thanks for sharing the lovely photos

Laume said...

Your snow is pretty. It seems everyone is getting some of the white stuff except us. We did get some rain today at least. I'm glad you got your roof on in time. This time last year we had lots of rain and snow and NO roof and, because we only had wood heat but no stovepipe (the roofer had taken it off), no heat!! Our roofer up and left the job undone and disappeared for almost a month. It was a nightmare. Eventually it all worked out - whew- and I'm so thankful to have a nice warm covered house this December.

Danielle said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures...I just love the SNOW!!!!!