Friday, November 30, 2007

New Roof

Here is our new roof(shingles) in progress. It's done now and we have a new roof~yeah! This week has been a total RUSHED week. Not only were we getting a new roof but we were all SICK at the time. Not FUN!!! Aaron got sick first with a chest cold, than ME, than Doug. Imagine having the biggest headache and having to hear banging and air nailer guns going all day long(UGH)! At least we weren't the ones on the roof doing all the work. I have to give a huge round of applause to our roofer crew. AMAZING! They got the roof done in two days. Both the house and garage roofs PLUS, our extra garage. Amazing fast work and so efficient. Here is a few pixs of them hard at work.

I feel so rushed now with all that has happened this week. I haven't got a single Christmas Decor out YET! I wanted to wait til after the roofers were done. As it makes a little dusty mess inside. This weekend will be busy getting all that Christmas stuff ready. We are all feeling better and it's suppose to snow storm on Saturday. So thank goodness the roof is DONE. We only have a little siding left to replace. I forgot to mention why we are doing all these home improvements. We had a couple storms this past summer with HAIL damage. So all this is getting done via our insurance company. YEAH! Plus, our new porch is roofed and will be sided too. Yippeee!

Now that I'm feeling better.............I'm running to the coffee shop as we speak. Time to get a egg nug chi latte(YUM) before the snow hits. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm going to try to get my DH to help me with some sidebar things for my blog this weekend too. Lots of Christmas blog parties to get ready for too. I am so behind on EVERYTHING! Speaking of, I haven't got much scrapbooking in since Thanksgiving started. I am hoping next week I can get back in that groove too. Here is hoping the weekend goes WELL!

I also forgot to mention that we had to bring Muffin into the Vet this week too. She has developed Pink Eye(conjunctivitis). So she is now on eye drops for a week. Poor gal......both eyes were so red and sore. Yep, not even the dog was spared this week(ha ha ha)!


Debb said...

We need a new roof , but thatwill be after winter over. It's raining here suppose to turn to snow. I'm getting my blog ready for the party . Do you know what your going to do yet?

Danielle said...

WOW...great job on the roofs!!! That's great that they got them done before the snow came.

I hope you all get better soon!!! Even the dog has pink eye?!?! Youch :(