Saturday, November 24, 2007

Best Gravy From a Can

I have to take a moment for a product endorsement~ha! Watkins Beef base(gravy)Soup is THE BEST! I haven't tried any of their other products but this is the best for making gravy. We didn't have much gravy left for our left- overs today. So we took this Watkins base and followed the directions for gravy. Than we added our left- over gravy(that was left) into the mix. Instant big tub of gravy and so beefy flavored and yummy. We also use this to enhance our gravy's we make. Instead of using the normal beef bouillon. We also have this in Chicken flavor. Watkins online catalog is a good source to buy. I am not sure where we picked ours up. MY MIL bought it for us. She's super that way! Thanks Judy ................we LOVE Watkins!

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Sandy said...

Pauline, You guys have so many food brands and recipes that I have never heard of here in Canada. It's amazing how different things are even though we are 'next door'. The good thing is that I could at least order some stuff on-line at least. Apparently us Torontonians went nuts and shopped like crazy in Buffalo on Black Friday. The dollar is great but the Canadian prices are still not so great.

Wish I could send you all our snow so your DH can go out and 'play'..LOL! It's still November, so you're still not behind with the Christmas 'to-dos'!Have fun!

Sandy Claus ;O)