Monday, October 8, 2007

Vintage Wood Horse Toy

I just have to share this really cool toy photo. A friend of mine needed a home for this toy. So I told her I would keep it safe for her. It was stored away in her garage getting dusty and her Dh was threatening to pitch it out if she didn't find a home for it. Well, enter........Our family. It took some prodding from my friend...but in the end ....we went to view the toy and decided to take it on. I was just scared it would sit in our garage getting loaded with dust and elements too. However, I was pleasantly surprised it fit down to our unfinished basement. Which is where all of Aaron's big toys to play with are stored. So this worked out great. I cleaned and spiffed the horses up and now they are sparkling. Other than the chip paint the toy runs great. Only thing is the one horse is missing pedals and needs some repair. Otherwise, it's in good shape. Here is a look at the toy: We put it in the corner and Aaron really loves it. He needs some friends to come join him for a ride.

Here is a closer up view of the horses..................I don't blame my friend Shari for not wanting to get rid of this toy. I Think she wants her future grand kids to play on this toy. Plus, it's vintage collector toy. Wouldn't want that damaged!

Another closeup shot of the toy and I searched high and low on the Internet for the toy and couldn't find any info on it. I was wondering if I could find replacement parts online. Couldn't find anything on it. If anyone has any tips on a search...I would love to hear some. The only info I found on the toy was the name: Joyrider. Which is printed on the toy and I couldn't find any info online using that name? Just alot of carousel stuff shows up.

This horse(Below) is in the best shape...............................this one is the one with the less paint chipping and looks mint. Even the saddle is in good shape.

My friend Shari said she saw that Donald Trump had this same horse toy for his new baby. She saw it in the people magazine(when they did a article on Trump's new baby/the toy was pictured in his baby's room). If any of you have this issue I would love to see it. I am not even sure which people issue it was in/but would be fun to see. TFL and Shari if you see this: look all the horses are attached! Looks pretty good huh? Secret cleaning agent: Damp(not wet)Mr. clean cloth and some goo gone spot cleaning. Worked like a charm and see the results in the photos!


MNScrapbookmom said...

This is really cool. You don't see these older toys looking so spiffed up. :) You did a great job cleaning it up. Such a unique item, I love it. :) ¥
P.S. There are alot of People mag's that sit at the hospital, I will look through the ones that we have in our lounge for the Trump article. ¥

Sandy said...

Hmmm, it's definitely a keeper! She should bring it to the antiques road show or an auction.

Danielle said...

OMG this toy is great!!!! Aaron must have so much fun with this :)

It's great that you're able to store it for your friend :D You're such a sweetie!