Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Birthday Bash's been awhile since I blogged. I've been on Blog vacation for a week. Sorry bout that! I am finally blogging about my birthday celebration AND it's My 100th POST! Yippeee! I don't have any FUN planned for my 100th post. Kinda hard lately to just to get a post made. Well, you all know what I am talking about. Busy! Trying to get busy with my scrapbooking too. My Dh recently said something to me that rang TRUE. He mentioned to me that blogging is taking away from my scrapbook time. Pretty bad when my Dh notices stuff like that. Must be TRUE! Thus, Why I took a little break and scrapbooked ALOT! Wish I could say I made some progress but hey, it was fun anyway right? So who cares how slow going it was. Yeah, I am still working on my Bluefin Bay Vacation book. I am having fun with it and slow going because I made the book too Thick again. Could hardly close the thing. Am I the only scrapbooker out there that just puts way too thick of things on her pages??? Geesh! I am terrible with the embellies.

OK Enough Scrapbook is my Cake. Pretty huh? Judy(My MIL) picked it up from Rainbow Foods. Yummy.....marble cake.

A pix of ME with the Bday Cake........I was FORCED into that picture. Judy wanted one for her scrapbook. ICK!

For the family tradition....the Birthday person gets to pick the restaurant to eat out at for the celebration. I picked: Space Alien's Bar and Grill. That place is so fun and such a riot. Lots of fun games, and toys for the kids and good eats for the adults, Reasonable prices too. Here is a pick of us at our table in the back.

The menu might be right? what do you think?

Ha ha ha.......................................ha ha ha.........................

I love those space cadet menu's ....................Aaron loves 'Em too. Can put them up to your face and assume alien form. Tee hee!

I love this next photo. Aaron was into the games this time around. I told Doug he had to win Aaron a alien man. I seen many little kids winning these green alien men out of this machine all night long. So I told Doug he had to win us one....since it was my bday and all. Now, before you see the look on his face..........I have to warn you that Doug is so pathetic at games. He NEVER wins stuff I swear he is the worse game player around. Didn't help the situation when I rub that in his face all the time and was doing so here. I think the look on his face says it all. He tried So dang hard to win an alien man. He tried like six or more times and didn't win one. Finally I felt so bad for him......I just told him to move on over. I was going to try my hand at it. Not to brag but I am a total gamer chick. Love GAMES(video type games) and Doug wanted me to try because he wanted to heckle me while I tried for the alien men.

HA ha first try and look what I WON. Not one BUT 3 alien men. Ha ha ha! I RULE The game world! That really really made my bday night. Plus, not to mention I can rub this into the Dh for along while makes it just priceless.

Here is a photo of Aaron and I after my win. This pix looks like I am choking my poor babes. I was trying to make him look up and he stuck his tongue out right at the same time. SO it really looks like I am having a choke hold on him. Poor kid!

This game was Aaron's favorite in the arcade. I think he's going to be a gamer just like his mommy?
Another group photo of all of us at the table. The wait person was kind enough to take our photo together.
After we ate out ....we had cake and coffee at my MIL house. Shortly after opening my bday cards up and getting $$$$ I decided to run over on the way home to Archivers and buy this(in the Photo below) with my birthday money. Funny how short my birthday money lasted. Ha! Bye bye money.....HELLO Spicy Chicken Font. Yep, purchased another font for my Quickutz Revolution machine. Needed a more whimsical Font. Thought this Spicy Chicken one was FUN.

Anyone else have this font yet? Sorry this got a bit blurry but here's what the font looks like. Upper and lower case and punctuation too.

Here is the quickutz Revolution and my new font beside it. OOOh...can't wait to use this new font. By the way, I know there are alot of die cutting machines out there now. I love this new quickutz............tool! I hated the old one and didn't want to just do away with it so buying this new tool was the best value. So I could still use my old Dies.........and buy new ones. This saved my hand from world of hurt. As the old tool was just horrible on the hands. Manually squeezing a tool together....not cool! This one is so easy and no pressing, just spin the handle and die goes right on thru. I like the binder it comes in.........easy


Well, that was my birthday. Nothing too wild ....just laid back family fun and shopping. LOVE IT! Ending my birthday at Archivers was the best bday present EVER. The ladies at Archivers know us pretty well and thought it was nice of my DH to take me to the store and let me buy whatever. Ha! So I did and it was FUN.


Sandy said...

Awwww, what a fun birthday you had. What luck you had too! Isn't it awesome when your man takes you to a scrapbook store to buy what you want? It's like a kid in a candy shop!LOL! Happy Birthday again!

Danielle said...

WOW... what a fun birthday bash!!! I love that restaurant ~ wish we had something fun like that around here...the kiddos would love that!

COOLIO that you won the 3 little alien dudes eheheheh TOO CUTE!

OMG I adore that Spicy Chicken font and the box/binder are AMAZING too with all those beautiful swirls/designs :)

You lucky girl!!!!