Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Muffin is having a Bad Day

Guess what we were doing this afternoon(Monday)? Yup.......at the Vet getting Muffin a bandage for her paw. We were gone Sunday all day and got home and she had chewed up her paw. She has moles or warts on her......and the one on her paw is bad. It started bugging her and she decided to chew on it all day. Needless to say by the time we got home it was red and sore and bleeding. By the end of the night she was gimping on her paw and holding it up in the air. Trying to tell us it hurt. Poor Shih Tzu!!! So we went to the vet and we are getting the moles removed. Plus, having her teeth cleaned. That will be next Tuesday for minor surgery. In the meantime, the Vet gave us this bandage so she wouldn't pick at her mole further. I am pretty glad to remove these wart/moles...as they were looking pretty gross and looked uncomfortable. Here is Muffin looking pretty upset about the whole thing. Ha! At least she didn't have to wear the cone over her head. She hates those cones and always gets them off her head somehow. This bandage has worked great! Check out the JOY on this Shih Tzu's face:

Yeah, I think she's mad! Mad Shih Tzu! On top of it all.........she has a grooming appointment tomorrow. She's going to have a tough week. Can you tell she needs a groom job? she's a furball mess! Wish Muffin Luck for next week!

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Danielle said...

Poor little Muffin...I'm glad that the bandage is working, but boy does she look pissed hehehehe :)

It's not fun when our pets get sick :( Hope she's feeling better soon!!!