Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Breakfast Brunch

Good Morning Everyone! I shouldn't say good morning now that it is noon. I meant to get this posted early in the am but Blogger was down. So I am posting now. I wanted to make a post on the brunch I made for my Dh yesterday. He happen to be home the last couple days and thought I would make him a hearty brunch. Here is what we made: Eggs Benedict. Love Eggs Benedict! I hate runny eggs but for some reason I like Eggs Benedict??? Must be the Hollandaise Sauce that makes it so yummy. My Dh and I had eggs benedict for the first time at a B & B we stayed at awhile back. Ended up loving it and tried to make it at home. Oh boy was that a disaster! Apparently it's pretty hard to jungle all that goes into making Eggs Benedict. I have had it before at Perkins but yucko.............definitely not the same taste as the B & B. So after much a DO..................we have perfected this dish. We tried it again but this time we made it the way we thought it would work better. First off: We didn't make homemade Hollandaise sauce. Much easier to get a packaged mix and it saves time and energy. The next thing that is hard is Poaching eggs. Have you ever? Well, unless your accustom to poaching an egg it's not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Thanks to my MIL she gave us this handy dandy Egg trinket that helps in poaching an egg. Makes it super duper easy to poach the perfect poach shaped egg. Here are results Below: Pix of the egg poacher in saucepan along with sauteed Green onion. Some perfect size Canadian Bacon pieces(Hormel makes these size -perfect for Eggs Benedict or egg mcMuffin).

Can't have Egg's Benedict without some English Muffins........I toasted them up in this Fry pan.

Here they are toasted up and I throw the Ham on the fryer to and give them a browning. Now, to make it easier like i said we use a pre-mixed sauce. I prefer to use KNORR sauces. They make really great sauces. We use their Au Jus one all the time for French Dips. This is a sauce mix and you just mix it in a sauce pan with milk and Butter. Really easy and it make great Hollandaise sauce.

Here are the eggs cooking (poaching). My Dh spilled alittle egg in the pan by accident. Otherwise the eggs turn out super great shaped. This pix was taken after we made them but you have to have water in your fry pan and let it boil and than put the eggs in/and cover so they steam the egg(poach). This takes about couple of minutes or so depending on how well you want your poach egg cooked. I like my Egg a little less Runny. Once all those steps are done ......Just put your egg Benedict together. There are all kinds of great variations to this classic egg dish. I might try some different ones soon. Like adding Asparagus etc......if you have any Egg Benedict recipes please share. I would love some new ideas to this Classic dish.

Bon Appetite! Kinda looks messy but it was tasty!

If Anyone knows where I can get one of these poacher egg trinkets(Ok, I don't know the real name of this kitchen tool but love it just the same)with 4 slots I would love to buy one. The 3 slots just isn't very useful as we usually make more than 3 eggs. One with 4 egg holders would be better. This 3 holder is my MIL's and I have to give it back to her anyway. I need to buy my own with more slots. Any tips would be welcome. Thanks!


LeslieinTN said...

Hey, it's Leslie, whose blog you commented on earlier!! LOL I have never had eggs benedict. I'm game to try them though. I like about anything. ;) BTW, your scrap goodies in the lower post was causing me to drool more than the eggs benedict. :)

Sandy said...

I love those big family breakfasts! The one thing I never made though is the eggs benedict. Sure looks yummy!

Danielle said...

YUMMY!!!!! I haven't tasted eggs benedict before, but you make them look so yummy :) I'll definately have to try them!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks so YUMMY Pauline. You'll have to make them for us next time we are in the cities. and do a search for egg poacher.

If you like it let me know - I'll get it for you for Christmas!

Paul-ene said...

Yup, I was planning on making them next time your in town Wanda. Are you going to come see the new Baby?(Noah)he sure is cute! Now that Joe is gone I've been meaning to call up Erin and have her over for scrapbooking a baby cuddling. Ha! we still have our pack n play to set up so Noah can sleep while we scrap.

Paul-ene said...

Ha...meant to say Scrapbooking and Baby Cuddling! ha ha ha

Last time I held Noah he cried and cried. Aaron hasn't let me forget it. He tells everyone I made the baby cry. hee!

I'm going to check out the egg poacher right now online. thanks!