Friday, September 21, 2007

Annual Parade Of Homes

Here we are again that time of year.............our annual Fall Parade of Homes Tour. We always try to catch a few home tours during the POH tour. Maybe you have toured the parade of homes before? or perhaps your own town has a similar tour? If not is a brief description of the event. Several builders in the Twin Cities area construct model homes and put them up for the POH tour. This tour last about a month or so long on Weekends. This is a FREE event and they have a book of all the homes in the area that you can view or visit. So much fun for FREE. My Dh and I have been going to the parade of homes almost every year after we were married. We tend to love going to see all the million dollar homes in the POH. They are usually decorated to the hilt and so much fun to go in and dream. We also have gotten many good ideas for our own home in this tour.

I'll never forget the one time we went to the POH. We were living in our small townhome. We decided to put a roast in the oven before we left to view some homes on the tour. We got back after seeing a bunch of wonderful homes and the smell.............of that roast cooking in the oven. was the best! So we had some really fun FREE entertainment and than had a home cook meal. So much fun!

So when we went recently for the home tour.............we did the same thing. We put a yummy roast in the oven and went Parade of homing. Got home and yummo...the smell was so good. The roast was so plentiful that we had hot roast beef open face sandwiches the very next day.

I love the Parade of Homes!!! Anyhow, the Parade of Homes runs annually twice a year. The fall preview and than the Spring Preview. The bigger one being the Fall tour.

I am going to leave you with some links to some of the POH tour.

This was my favorite home thus's in this wonderful wooded neighborhood and on acreage lots(which we really really like). Every home I have seen in this area I just want to move right into. It's a very nice area. It's in the Ham Lake area. The builder Americken Home Builders Inc. This house is spendy but it had alot of nice features. It had a bonus room that would be PERFECT for a scraproom and it also had a small playroom for kids attached to that bonus room. Perfect set up for a mom scrapper. Plus it had little chandeliers all over. So cute! It had a nice screen porch too.

Another home we visited was in the Blaine area. This house was (I think) ugly on the outside. We almost didn't go in but thought we might as well try it out. So glad we was really a nice surprise inside. Wonderful views of the lot it was on.....and it had a theatre room to die for. Wasn't my type of decor but it did have alot of nice feature for a million and plus bucks. Ha! The Builder was Paulson construction Inc

Ok, this one I need to go see. Maybe tomorrow we can go see it. My Dh says it near the train tracks tho? It look like a nice home. Will have to visit this one. Looks like it has alot of nice feature minus the train tracks-ha! The builder is Tristar Homes Don't forget to scroll down and check out it's 360 3D Tour.

Here are three I have to go visit: Bacchus Homes Inc This one looks like my kinda decor. I have to go check it out. They only tease you with a couple of photos of the place. Looks wonderful. The next two are the same builder but different homes. Both have spectacular screen porches I need to see for our ideas on our porch. Pratt Home 1 and Pratt Home 2

Here some fun 360 Tours to check out here: Regency Homes, American Prairie Homes.

There are many more but those are some we have looked at and some on our list to go see.

Gotta run now. Lisa Bearnson will be on QVC soon. Yep 3:00 Am show of Creating Keepsakes. It's only an hour show. The 3 hour show will be on QVC tomorrow(Fri. 21) at 1:00 pm central time.


Danielle said...

WOW...that home show sounds incredible!!! We don't have that here, but I kinda wish we would :)

I hope you have lots of fun, and get lots of new ideas :D

I would go to get decorating ideas probably ehehehehehe :)

Sandy said...

We don't have one here, but every year famous Canadian Interior Designers decorate an old home for public viewing. A roast waiting for you when you get home is a lovely tradition. We started something every fall though.We invite one lucky family to join us for apple picking at a farm, then they come over for a fall feast which includes chicken in the oven and apple pie from the farm. Are you still at the same address? I have something in the 'works' for you..LOL!