Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Franny's Game Day

My sister LOVES sports and while she was here in town we took in a Minnesota Twins Game.

We ended up meeting up with my Niece Erin at the game. She is pregnant and due soon with their first baby. Her husband Joe is in Iraq of all places. He was one of many deployed out to Iraq. He's hoping to get home for the birth of their baby.
Here are some pixs we took at the game. (Sorry Erin...had to throw in the cute one of you pregnant-ha- you look so cute!!!)
Minneapolis is still a mess because of the bridge collapse. These photos were taken before that happened. The photo of Mpls wasn't the best photo ever but I took it outside the Metrodome while waiting to meet up with Erin for the game.

Below is pixs I took during the game. Cute pix of Erin with Franny. I don't remember which team they were playing??? I hate sports in general(except for Hockey)I just went along to see Erin. Ha! Not to fret....I brought along my Scrapbooking magazines and read while everyone watch the game. Although, the game was pretty entertaining because Infront of us was some funny guys. They had signs that read to the effect that it was one of the guys last night as a FREE guy(meaning he was getting married) so they wanted to get on the TV with their goofy sign. Ha ha ha.....it worked too they were on the TV and CAM that night. Crazy dudes! They were having fun tho and thats what counts.
Here is the pix of Erin(she's so photogenic) Below is a pix of Erin and Joe at their wedding. Had to throw a pix of Joe in so You can see for yourself ....the men fighting for our freedom in this country. A face to go along with all those men and woman out in Iraq and other countries that sacrifice for us. It's truly amazing and they deserve all the respect we can give them.


Danielle said...

Glad that you and your sister had so much fun at the baseball game :D Your niece Erin looks adorable :) What a cute baby belly ehehhehehehe :D

I hope that her hubby is able to come back for the baby's birth!!!

wonderdahl said...

What a handsome couple! All the best to Erin, Daddy and Baby as the big day approaches. I'll say a little prayer for a easy delivery!

We brought funny movies and a iPod with favorite songs and pics... that really helped me relax. My baby was born while everyone in the room watched John Candy in The Great Outdoors.