Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday Party Decor........CARS

Finally getting around to posting on more of Aaron's Birthday party. Yep, this time it's on the decor and party favors etc.....Below is the Cake. Really yummy cake....rainbow foods has the best cakes. This one was a marble cake. The frosting is just right and they have tons of cakes to pick from with themes. I added the candles....and Aaron just loved that Cars Candle. I purchased the candles extra from Target & Party City.

Got some pixs of the Birthday Boy.......Here he is with his party favors at his table. The pix below is my favorite. Finally got him to smile for the pix.

I made up the table with Cars Theme too. Bought everything I could at Party City that was themed with Cars Movie. Ha! $100.00 of stuff that you end up throwing away later. Kinda silly if you ask me....and I didn't even buy that much stuff. My MIL had a fit when she heard that price...I guess I should be a better bargain shopper? I think the balloons were the most $$$ .....I don't know... maybe people will think that cheap? Ha! Anyhow, Here is the table set up with all the fun party favors and such. I bought the noise makers at Target. Couldn't find any noisy ones at Party City. I have them pictured here below too on the clear plates. The Cars themed ones didn't make noise.
I was able to make 3 tablecloths out of the one I had purchased at Party City. I put one on the main table and one on the Present Table and One on Aaron's little table in the kitchen. Worked out great! Look at all the fun party favors for Aaron. He has a lunch box and his Birthday Champ Ribbon(that he would not Wear-ha). He has Silly straws, and Cars YO YO and Paddle, Cups and Plates etc.....

Below is a glimpse of the present table. I never have room for the presents on my counters with all the food set up. So I thought this year I would make a present table with our cart table. Worked out slick. Notice all the Cars themed wrappings. How much fun is that? I couldn't find a nice bag with Cars on it. SO I ended up using wrapping paper and I bought Blue bags and cut out the wrapping paper onto the bag. Worked out slick. Notice my MIL used the same wrapping paper for her gifts....LOL...there isn't alot of products out there that are different..HA! My MIL had a super cute CARS bag she found. IT was really nice! She also wrapped her gifts so cute. Notice the Beanie Teddy Bear as part of the gift wrapping? That was my MIL gift. So cute!!! Judy you ROCK! I threw in the pixs of the Balloons too. They were alot of $$$ but I can't believe the balloons still are going strong now. Usually they are depleted by now. There still tied to my banister in the kitchen and going strong.

Finally the food................we made it simple. We ended up having to have the Birthday Party at Lunch Time. As Doug's family could only make it for early time slot. So this was our lunch. Sloppy Joe's with chip and dips. I added the veggie tray for extra something something. So glad I did. It was a big hit. Plus, It wouldn't have felt like we had enough variety. I think I made a mean veggie tray this time around...ha, ha, ha! Kinda silly to get so excited over a veggie tray but it's the highlight for me. Like when things turn out compared to when they don't. I just used my big round tray I had for parties and put the veggie dip in the middle and pre-cut most of the veggies up the night before(no rinsing the veggies til the morning they don't get soggy). I added the cherry tomatoes and the cheese cubes .....and they were a big hit. Love variety in the veggie tray too ...I used Cauliflower, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, celery cheese, tomatoes.
I had to add this cute photo. Isn't it sweet? Aaron reading one of his cards he received. Grandma is helping him out. I love how he is touching the monkey on the card. He super liked everything he got for his bday and all his cards too. Will be posting some more personal pixs from the party Family stay tuned for that photo slide.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Look at all the decorations !!! Aww... such a great party. I would bet all your guests were impressed at all the things that you did. You are an amazing mother. Great job.¥

wonderdahl said...

Love the Cars theme. You made that 100 bucks work for you! It's nuts how much decorations cost. I spent 60 at Party America for my babies 1sts bday, and half of it went to paper plates! Looks like Aaron got a kick out of it - and it's only once a year... right!?!