Friday, June 1, 2007

Family Christmas Accordion Album

The last of the Christmas 05 photos I put into Accordion albums. This one I named: Family Christmas Accordion Album. This one is my fav. out of the accordion albums. I worked harder on this one. I loaded it with embellies and ribbon. It is thick but fun.

I used Daisy D Paper kit(Christmas) for the papers.

I tried to use the vintage Santa paper the most on this album. It was my favorite paper from the kit.

I just love the look of Daisy D papers to begin with.....such distressed vintage feeling to them. The Santa paper I used from this kit just had so many cute things on the paper. Like the vintage toys and I especially like the airplane on it. Very fun colors too. Daisy D makes the best paper kits. This kit was a 8x8 paper kit.

Here some scans of the Front Cover and the Back Cover:

On the cover I used the Santa Photo Corners with the Red distress Vintage paper from the kit. I added the Sheer Frame from Making Memories with a cute pix of Aaron in the middle. Than added the green paper underneath the sheer frame. Than decorated it with Primas and KI Lab kit bling flowers. I also added the file tabs from the Daisy D kit and added rub-on words and Word Confetti from Making Memories. All the file tabs are from the Daisy D paper kit. They were just too cute! I added them to the back and front of the album.

Just a photo view of the album opened up. Both Front and Back side of the accordion album.

I was going to make the album from scratch but I was time limited. I wanted to get it done fast. So I bought American Traditional Design Accordion album in Black for my project. This was a time saver and probably made better than anything I could make~ha!

Below are just some Photo views of the album. I did a photo shoot of the album at different views. It's hard to scan in an accordion album. So I wanted to get different views with my camera for my blog. Here are those photos:

I did scan the originals in but had to do so 2 pages at time to fit on my scanner. I always like to have the original scans. So here are those:

This was a postcard I made of the scanned in pages. So I would have one scan of all the images together.

Pretty cool huh? I like using my photo program for that purpose.

I used alot of products on this album. I already mentioned Daisy D paper kit. Some others products I used:

American Craft Ribbon & Felt Flowers(Greenhouse), KI Memories Color Lab Kit(Joyful), Queen and Company Bon Bon Brads & Fontastics & Hook-Up & Sassy Sequins(Merry Kissmas), Making Memories Rub-On's and Word Fetti & Sheer Frame, Autumn Leaves Buttons(Winter Garden).

Someone asked how I made this album....very easy...I bought the pre-exsisting album. Than I just used the Daisy D papers and Daisy D cut outs from the kit(this kit had Loads of things in it: including those very cute Swirls you see on the backside pages). I than cut paper out to fit the black accordion album(designed the pages and put photos on). When I was done I stapled the ribbon onto the pages. First doing the front side of the album...than on the backside I had to pre-staple the stuff on before I glued it down(so it wouldn't show thru on the finished front pages). The covers(front and back) were thick so I used my crop a dile to punch a hole to put the brad and ribbon thru. On the other side of the covers(the inside of the albums) I just put brads thru BEFORE I pasted the papers down. So the front cover wouldn't have brad thru on finished page. Stuff like that........just takes a little bit of pre-thinking. Make sure when you design the album that when you flip it over to do the backside......that it is right side up. Ha....I did a bad and didn't look and had the pages of my backside upside down. I than Had to get out my faithful "undo" and redo them right side up. LOL LOL LOL! Hope that helps on the questions and TFL! I had alot of fun with this album. I think I will leave this one out for display in the house somewhere. All the ribbon was alot of fun to do. I always seen albums with loads of ribbon on them and wanted to try that technique. I always thought that was such a waste of ribbon when people would do that on a album...but after doing really didn't take up that much ribbon. One could even use extra scrap ribbon laying around. I had 2 cases of American Craft Ribbon and I didn't' use much of it at all.


Danielle said...

WOW...that accordian album is just GORGEOUS!!!!! You did an amazing job with it :)

P.s. no, I didn't get any of my Love,Elsie stuff yet :( The store I pre-ordered from still hasn't received it (it shipped 14 days ago???).

mrsdinlv said...

Ooohhh, I REALLY love this one! Love all the ribbons! Pretty! :-)