Saturday, March 17, 2007

Routine for Friday Night

One of my favorite scrappers................had a challenge on her blog. The challenge was to document our evening routine and take pixs and journal and put into a scrap page. I thought this would be soo much fun. However, as life would have it.......we were too busy the previous night and tonight was a "special" night for mom(ME). So the evening wasn't so normal but I decided to document it anyway. I didn't have time to put into a scrap page so instead I am making a blog about our night.

The reason it was a special night is a long story. To make it short.........Last weekend Doug(my hubby) had an "guys" outing up north for snowmobiling and fun. Aaron and I stayed home and did our usual routine. So this weekend......Doug said he would take care of our son ....while I did things that were fun. So, tonight wasn't routine at all. It was MOMMY NIGHT. Here is how it started out:

Played with my NEW TOY! Yes, finally got the Quickutz new tool...Revolution. Love it! Works like "BUTTER". For those who don't know this is a Die cutter.......and cuts shapes and alphabets so on.

I can't wait to try this out more and make some Layouts with this tool.

I love the case for storage too.

After I was done playing with my new was off to get ready for bed. Below is a pix of my favorite bedroom and Scrap room all in one.~hee!

I turned down the lights and turned on all my favorite Victorian lamps.
It was time for some down time.

I cleaned the house all day long and it was really a nightmare mess. Woollies all over the place(dust).
I scrubbed the floors....which takes FOREVER.
I was ready for some serious pamper time.

Time to pick out some comfort wear-I picked the ones below(kinda remind me of a scrapbook paper).

Before I slipped into to was time for the Ultimate "pamper".............The Bath! Love bath time. When we built our house.....We knew we wanted to put in a Jacuzzi Tub. We had to move heaven and earth to get the tub we wanted but we did. I am thankful we stuck to our guns and went with a big tub.

I haven't had much time to light candles and have "mood" bath.
This was a nice change and really not routine at all. I usually take alot of baths but not the ones with turned down lights and candles. The only thing missing was my Hubby(hubba wubba)~hee!
He was down entertaining our son in the basement. That's where all his toys are scattered about.
I was enjoying the peace and quiet and soaking away. Below is just a closer look at the candles. Love the smell and the lighting.

After my bath I planned to have a nice scrapbook time. I am working on a project for my (gulp)...dare I say.....20 Year H.S. reunion. I am making a page for our class book. Instead of sending in just a photo of our family. I thought it would be really cool to make a layout.

By the time I drained my tub......I heard little feet come in the bathroom and yell and SHOUT ................................. "CANDLES, Mommy....Candles, Mommy. WOWO wowo wowo". Aaron had tired of the basement and ran up to visit me.
At about that time it was all over ......mommy time was done. LOL
I decided instead to venture down to the dark, cold, unfinished basement with Aaron.
My MIL wanted me to take pixs of Aaron on his motorbike. This would be routine as I am always taking photos. So thought this would fit right in with the routine thingy. Bye, Bye scrap room and it was down to the basement. Notice how messy my scrap room is....that how it really looks when I am working on a page. I have everything in "tidy" piles.~ha! Below is just another view of the mess.

Time for the pixs in the basement. Our basement is super messy right now. It's become the junk haven of our home. Everything that retired upstairs goes downstairs to the basement. Plus, we have all our holiday boxes still out and about down there. We usually put all that away in our crawl space area. So we've been real bad this year with putting it all away. Soon....right?

Here we are Judy, the pixs you requested. I was surprised how good Aaron is getting at driving his motorcycle. WOW!

I will send you these in a email too Judy. Not to worry ...this is just a sneak peek at them.

Looks just like his grandpa on the Harley? Doesn't he?

Aaron really going to love driving this outside when it gets nice out. Right now he's been practicing in the basement all winter long.

I have video I will have to post of Aaron driving his motorcycle too. So stayed tuned will be on the way. I am also going to post Doug's outing with the guys soon. So Uncles keep watch for the snowmobile pixs. Doug took a bunch a cool pixs-will be sharing them shortly.

Muffin was getting really lonesome...she is scared to go down the basement steps. So she sits and whines by the doorway and cries for attention. Poor MUFFIN!

Finally it was time for bed for everyone. So we ventured back upstairs and got Aaron ready for bed. He was kinda squirrley and didn't want to go to bed and started getting "crazyMAN" like. As seen in the pixs below.

I packed up his overnight bag. Which is kinda routine. Usually Aaron visits his grandparents one day out of the week or weekend.

To Tame Aaron down before bed we read books. Than he requested his favorite all time favorite video before bed. His new deal is he likes to run the DVDs. He gets to choose his video and than he starts it up.

As every mother out there can relate to/Mommy time isn't mommy time at ALL. It may start out that way, but in the is and will always be: family TIME. That is ok by me. I was kinda lonesome and although I still need "me" is ok if it's only a few minutes long. LOL!
In the end, I never got back to my scrap room. That always happens. Perhaps that's why I am so slow at scrappin. Just never make time as much as I would like.
I did however, download my photos and our routine of the day and am going to share and post it. Thanks for the challenge(Ali Edwards) and here is my ultimate routine. My laptop and bloggin away at 5 Am. OUCH....time for mommy to go to bed.


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You have a beautiful home.

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OH WOW!!!! I love that you documented your bedtime routine!!! I just saw this on Ali's blog too :D

OMG your home is sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!! You're a great interior designer!!!!!

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