Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Cheer in the Kitchen............

Snowman family # 2

Here is corner of my kitchen. I have a lantern with a red light in it/and my snowman doily. I bought the frame. I wish I could say I made it/but Terry's Village has such cute ones already made for you. I put Aaron's last years Christmas pix in it.

This is a collage of my Christmas boxes I collected. The snowman one is my favorite/I end up keeping it up all winter long. I also have a pix of our candles in the window. We live in a traditional colonial style home/and the thing to do is the candle in each window. I also add a wreath onto every window in the front. This is the easiest decorating for light on the outside of the home. My hubby is glad...as we have a two story home and don't want him to fall off the roof. OUCH! So, we put the candles in the window and we never have to hang lights outside. We do have lighted garland on the doorway but no climbing involved on that!!!

Here is a cheery site when cooking a hard meal......some cheery towels hanging on the stove. I got these at Marshal Fields ...and have several for each holiday. I love their towels. Marshal Fields is no more(I think their Macy's now?? or is it one of those big stores)? Anyway, when I bought these It was still called : Dayton's. LOL! Love their towels at the Marketplace.

Another collage of various items.....My plate stand(if you keep up with the blogs I had, this was also in my Fall decor pixs)I change out the plates for each holiday. These are my Christmas plates...and for some reason I ended up with the same Angel plate. So I display the extra one near my stove on a plate stand. I also have a potpourri log cabin. I rarely use the potpourri part of it/but I put a light bulb underneath to shine in so the windows and doors aglow with light. The last pix is my HOT PAD.....that matches the towel set. The snowman motif was just too irresistible.

Speaking of Irresistible........check these out! These were the VERY FIRST Christmas decor items I ever bought. There was a little craft store where I use to get my hair cut. Don't ask, I know that bizarre....craft store and hair place all in one. However, they were selling these and I just thought they were so fun. I am so super glad I bought them. They are going to be the most favorite Christmas item we ever bought. My Son Just LOVES them. I knew I bought them way back when for a reason! He loves lights in general but he just loves the bright big lights on these...and loves Rudolph and Frosty(as he calls them). This one is Rudolph appropriately named because his nose blinks off and on(Red).

Here is Frosty! I like his pipe that flickers with a flaming light.

A collage with snowman figures and a angel night light. Have lots of "let it snow" signs all over. I wish it would around here. We don't have a white Christmas YET! They said something about snowing all day long on Friday. Here is hoping!!! Christmas just isn't Christmas without the white stuff when you live in Minnesota that is. It just ugly outside, brown and cold....blah!

This is the end of the kitchen Christmas decor. I think the dining room may be next. Stay tuned, more UFFDAH moments and Christmas decor to come. Keep chuggin the eggnog and sing a Yuletide song of JOY! PEACE!

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