Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tribute to My Baby Girl

The day I knew would eventually would arrive did.......after 13 and half years my little baby pup shih tzu Muffin passed on to Puppy heaven.

She will be so missed! I don't even have words to describe how sad we are.........and it's hard to even write this entry.

Muffin passed on Oct. 4, 2011-a horrible and sad day.

She had a bout of Pneomonia and other ailments and that day she just couldn't breath anymore and went fast. We were a little shocked as we thought she would get better with the anitbotics we were giving her/but her heart problems and allergy problems probably excalated things to worsen. We had just taken her to the vet and did a X Ray ...and the xray showed her heart was enlarged. I knew she was having heart problems and her allergy meds didn't help those medical problems.

We will miss her dearly but will always have wonderful memories (and photos) of her life with us....she was such a spunky little Shih Tzu/our little cuss!!! Here are some of those photos: I love the one above here....she was so curious(looking at the camera-I probably blinded the poor thing that close up to the lens. Below: she's giving that look she always gave-the attitude look with her cute black lips)!

Here proof that we tortured the poor animal: ha-she was always a good sport. This was new years eve and her lady gaga look.

Easter with the crochet bunny(she was barking at the neighbors going by-spunky!)

Awe, this one so time(she loved Christmas and opening her presents)!

oh, and begging for food........LOL!

Our last Christmas photo shoot with her-poor thing we made her go out in the snowbank for winter pixs. She hated every minute of it!!! Cuss! I loved her in this blue was given to us by doug's aunt(from her doggie that passed on). I can't part with it now.....I have to hold onto it. It just means to much to me. I especially love the pix of muffin in that sweater on my blog.....on the pix that says title of my blog(bloggin shih tzu). She was my inspiration for name of the blog.

Our little shih tzu..........will be missed but not forgotten..............Here some mother day photos with my fur baby!

It's lonely without her/she was my little buddy-always by me/always near/my little cuddle bud. I keep looking for her(out of habit but she is not there). A part of our family is missing-so sad!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Purchase

We spent most of the summer looking for just the right travel trailer to purchase for our family. After combing thru many many different kind of RV's.......we decided upon this one: Open Range Roamer RT303BHS. Here is fun 360 view of one on their website: 360 VIEW and their website: Open Range

Lots of fun RV to look at on their site.

Here is the decal on the window of our coach. It's just a decal-you can see outside(it's a window)but you can't see in(unless lights on at night). Pretty cool! We ended up liking Open Range/just cuz their coaches seem so upscale without the upscale price tag. The decor was right up my ally. This model was the compromise we had been looking for in a Travel Trailer. We had to go with a TT instead of getting a Fifth Wheel(which we would of liked). Our truck we just got wasn't able to pull a fifth wheel. It was only rated to pull certain weight. We only have a half ton truck/and to pull a 5th wheel You have to have a big 3/4 truck with heavy duty engine. This TT works for us/for the weight but still is 33ft long/for space. It's pretty long..........yikes! something we will have to get use to. We were looking at various bunk style RV's. This one seem to have what we needed for space and yet have plenty of sleeping space/and lounge space.

See how super LONG this camper is/blocks our whole driveway up/we will be putting in a new garage for it as soon as we can. Straight back from where it is parked in this photo will be putting up another garage just to fit the RV. Have to knock down some trees but it should work(space wise). We can't keep it parked in this spot. The neighbors will have a fit-LOL-and we have to get into our other garage.
This area was what sold us on this model. We looked at many bunkhouse style RV's and this was the ONLY ONE we saw that had swivel rockers and a couch/dinette area along with being a bunkhouse style. Very rare...cuz the bunk space takes up alot of the room in the RV. We looked at many nice bunkhouse area RV's but the one thing they lacked was space in the RV/especially in the master bedroom area. We didn't need that much bunks(since we only have one child). Most had 3 or 4 bunks. This one had one bunk and a jiffy couch that folds down to a futon type bed. Works for us!!! Aaron still has room for guests and the lounge space in the front also turns into sleeping space(dinette, and couch). The couch has a full size air bed. Pretty cozy! So this coach sleeps 7 or 8 people.
I love this space.......the little lamp and table/and swivel rockers.

A nice size table(fits 3 really well) and it's a good place to eat Mac-n-cheese.
The cushions can be made into a bed/and also have storage underneath the cushions for things. This is a U shaped dinette area.
The kitchen where I had to compromise the most. I wasn't thrilled with the amount of space the kitchen had for storage. It's a nice looking kitchen but it didn't have a full size pantry on my wish list. It does have one of those pull out pantry good for small things. The counter space wasn't the best either. I have some solutions in mind tho. I think it will be just fine. As long as I add a wheeled cart/for extra storage. Their is room in this RV for a extra kitchen cart(under the TV area). Really tho, there wasn't too many kitchens in RV that are roomy(LOL). There is only so much room right?

The bedroom was one of the biggest reason we decided upon the 303. The space was so nice/most of the master bedrooms we previously seen-were no joke-Doug's feet would of hit the wall. It was so cluster phobic bedrooms. This one has decent room space and the double doors entry/makes it feel like a suite. Lots of storage-full size closet and some shirt closets and the entire beds lifts up on gas shocks for storage underneath the bed. It's easy to lift up and it stays lifted til you push it down. Nice!!!
I bought some linens for the beds........couldn't resist getting some cozy linens right away. This is my kind of camping!!!!! The mattress that the RV had was AWFUL. So instead of spending alot/on a new one/we just added a 2 inch foam pad/with a 2 inch pillow/fluffy topper. Did the trick/very comfy now.

Here is Aaron's spot. Pretty nice spot for him. He has his bunk. The bunk flips up so you can use the jiffy couch for extra seating in the coach(when not using the bunk). The jiffy couch folds down as a futon style bed if need more sleeping space. I ended up getting Aaron some bedding too/Bobby Jack. I thought the monkey was cute!!! Apparently bobby jack is more for girls but I like this green/blue bedding/and it looks more boyish to me. Aaron also has his own TV space and closet and cubby's(I didn't get a pix of that but it's on the 360 view).

Of course, the potty room. It's the bare basics! We won't be spending too much time in this space. Hopefully, the state parks will have nice baths and we won't have to use our ummmm......toilet room too much. Ha! It's small but what isn't in a RV? I like that it had a porcelain potty tho/that is nice. No plastic potty!

We can't wait to get out and camp now. Not much camping season left but our RV is 4 season. Meaning we can go /in pretty cold weather.

So far the only thing we did was camping in the yard. Doug had to fix all that wasn't right with it at first. Like the sound system was wired wrong. We have TV but it wasn't in the RV when I took the pixs. We will not store it in the RV/when not in use. Same for all the valuables. They remove easy and set up easy enough. Will use them in our home while were not camping. The camper had a surround sound system/that is pretty cool for watching Movies and music. Once Doug fixed it that is. LOL!
Open Range Forum Gallery(see if you can spot our RV):


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter PB Display

Happy Easter Everyone!!! I decided to copy this cute Pottery Barn Display. I would have purchased it but ....YIKES! The whole thing would be like 300 for just a little display. I knew I could copy it for less money and be pretty close to same. I did splurge on the ceramic bunnies. Since I have a bunny theme house, I knew I would use them year round. I also bought the eggs on the string. They were pretty affordable. One could make the eggs/with real eggs or bought fake white eggs and write the message on the eggs. I bought the vase and twigs at Micheal's and everything was 60% off the price. Basically, PB wanted 99 for their vase alone. I bought everything at Micheal's for 60 or less. Pretty good right?

Here is another copied PB Display I found Online where they made everything including the ceramic bunnies they painted, and used real eggs and wrote the message onto them.

Here is my version:

Fit perfect up on my Hutch

I was excited to see that on Martha's Eggcellent Show(special Easter Show)she also had the PB Ceramic Bunnies. I guess Martha Liked the bunnies too(LOL)! Happy Easter and have a great Holiday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010