Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter PB Display

Happy Easter Everyone!!! I decided to copy this cute Pottery Barn Display. I would have purchased it but ....YIKES! The whole thing would be like 300 for just a little display. I knew I could copy it for less money and be pretty close to same. I did splurge on the ceramic bunnies. Since I have a bunny theme house, I knew I would use them year round. I also bought the eggs on the string. They were pretty affordable. One could make the eggs/with real eggs or bought fake white eggs and write the message on the eggs. I bought the vase and twigs at Micheal's and everything was 60% off the price. Basically, PB wanted 99 for their vase alone. I bought everything at Micheal's for 60 or less. Pretty good right?

Here is another copied PB Display I found Online where they made everything including the ceramic bunnies they painted, and used real eggs and wrote the message onto them.

Here is my version:

Fit perfect up on my Hutch

I was excited to see that on Martha's Eggcellent Show(special Easter Show)she also had the PB Ceramic Bunnies. I guess Martha Liked the bunnies too(LOL)! Happy Easter and have a great Holiday!


Sandy Michelle said...

Your version looks just as amazing-wow! I hope you had an awesome Easter girly!


Danielle said...

OMG that looks incredible!!!! xoxo