Monday, October 25, 2010

Ghostly Specimen Jars

What's a ghostly forest without the GHOSTS! I added a wax light up ghosts to my glass jars and filled a little fill inside(some ghostly gems and others just a harvest color gems) Put the ghosts inside the jar and tah dahhhh....Ghostly Specimen Jars.

Loved finding these light up ghosts. First I found the ones I purchased at Kmart(one with the spider on it's chest). than I found two smaller size ghosties at Pier 1(no color-just white/yellow color).

These Ghosties didn't end up in specimen jars...instead they will sit inside my Dining Room Hutch. I found these gouls at Oriental Trading Company and are made out of crystal type plastic(not wax).
Love how they change colors.....

Another Pier 1 ghost-this one made out of the wax. turned shades of Blue, Purple and Red.

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Susan said...

I love those ghosts. Especially the way you put them in the jars. And your previous post....Beautiful!