Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Pumpkin Urns

Switched out my Halloween pumpkins for real deal. I thought I would add the large pumpkins to the urns I painted. It was kinda bland so I added some fake leafs to jazz up the color. Than I just added the rest of the pumpkins around the urns. I had originally thought of adding some font/and message to the pumpkins...but never did that. Bummer! That would be a great idea tho....

Aaron enjoyed helping me with the pumpkins.

So did Muffin...oh wait...we left her in the house and she was mad! LOL

This pumpkin reads: Happy Fall! Just like my banner!

I like this one it reads: Give Thanks!

Next year maybe I will write in Black: Welcome Friends on the pumpkins!

Ready for Thanksgiving season!!!

1 comment:

Susan said...

You did a nice job on the pumpkin urns. The leaves are a nice touch.

I like the writing on the pumpkins. Something for me to try next year.