Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween is about the candy right? Here's the treat bags I made for our Family Annual Halloween party tonight.

Lots of candy inside the felt bags. I bought these felt bags couple years ago. Never used them. I thought this was the year!

I must be getting good at getting the right amount of candy. I bought just enough candy to make for the trick or treaters on Halloween...and For my son's class....and for these felt goodie bags. Not too much candy left over. Last year we had a little under 60 kids at our door. So I made 60 treat bags. Extra 23 for Aaron's kindergarten class and 8 felt bags. Whew! Lots of candy.

Where I made the treat bags: My family room floor. Filling up all the bags and bags of candy.

Can ya tell we shop at Target alot(LOL)! My go to store!

Started Finished(full box).

I made these party favors for our Annual Family Dinner Party. Made them with herb garden containers (bought in the dollar bin at Target). Very cheap way to have party favor. Bought discount on Candy Corn.....the most expensive part was of course ...The scrapbook stickers. LOL! I haven't scrapbooked in so long, so this was fun little project. Just decorated the containers with Halloween Epoxy stickers(clear and regular). The stickers are fun way to make the plain container come to life. The stickers are glossy and they add a little 3D effect.

Some closeups:

I decorated all sides: here is the sides from Beware Creepy crawlies one.

I'll post more pixs tomorrow ....and some of Halloween Dinner Party.

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Sandy Michelle said...

I love the felt bags! Aaron's class mates are so lucky! The orange pots for your guests are clever too! I checked out your outdoor decor and I am loving the piled up jack-o-lanterns in the topiarys! Have a spook'tacular Halloween Pauline!We are staying at home since poor Lucas contracted H1N1 and has Pneumonia

Sandy xox