Friday, July 31, 2009

Aaron's Bday Party

I hope you all got to see the smile box scrapbook I made for Aaron's 6th bday party? I thought I would post the rest of the photos here. Most of the ones I did for the book was about his little party at Grandparents house with his friends.

Here are some more pixs of the event. The grandparents decided to host this year. Which was a nice break for us. Plus, it just worked out better with his friends and family to make it over to their place.

Aaron picked Curious George as his theme for the party. We ran to our favorite Party City and picked out all kinds of FUN George stuff. I had an idea to pick up little tote pails from Party City. I bought several colors. We bought each kid a stuffed little curious George. We put it in the pail along with some Sun glasses, stickers, whistlers, other party favors. Thought it would be fun for the kids. Oh, and we also bought an extra little grab bag for the kids(Curious George one). In the grab bag was more games, puzzles, and Lollipops etc.... I figured the pails could double for the kids to carry their loot home. Yes, I am a momma that thinks ahead!!! LOL Wish my dh thought that way. We were half way home when I got the idea for the pails. So we had to turn around and go back to Party city and get the pails. WHen I have an idea, I have an idea. LOL! My dh wasn't happy! Below are more pixs of the party. Judy hung the sign and she did a great job!!! We put the party favors on the table and the tablecloth fit Judy's table really nicely. I have some various pixs of the cake too. We picked that up at our local Rainbow Foods. I added some more curious George trinkets to the cake(and the Age 6 candle).

Some more pixs from our time at Space Aliens. We went to Space Alien's for Lunch with just the family. My sis Franny and my brother Paul joined us. We had a good lunch and Aaron played some space alien games. He received free meal and alien antennas. He won some pretty fun trinkets at Space Aliens from winning some of the games he played too.

The space alien fries are the yummiest ever!!!!! Love their dips that go with the fries.

Here Aaron is opening his gifts toward the end of the day. He had a pretty good day but it was cut short by bad weather. It rained in the beginning of the day. However, by the time it was time to play in the backyard with his friends the sun was back out and nice. Than after that the storms rolled in.

Look at the presents he got below:

What's in the box?
Cool remote control car. The big gift of the day.......................................................

A Toshiba laptop computer....NICE! I want one! LOL Now he has his own computer to use for watching DVD's and looking up his computer games. He will share this computer with his daddy.

This was a gift from the kids at his party, some fun squirt guns to play in the pool with the kids. Below is just the crazy glasses he won at Space Aliens.......................they are sooooo cool! I even had to try em on too.

Aaron bday was a good time and he really enjoyed his 6th bday with friends and family. It was extra special bday celebration having it at his grandparents house. He was able to invite his special friends to join in the celebration with him. He enjoyed that George was the extra special guest at his party fun! Make sure you check out the Smile box scrapbook in the previous post for more party pixs. It was fun using smile box for the first time. IT was fun to make a scrapbook even it was just a virtual one.


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy belated Birthday Aaron! My goodness he grew! You did an awesome job organizing. I had a curious George b-day for my son as well. It's nice that the Grandparents had it at their house. I am loving the scrapbook album. I have to try that. Have a great rest of the summer!

Sandy xoxo

Susan said...

Many wishes to Aaron, looks like it was a wonderful party.